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Is Purgatory A Real Place
Chipper, I have also studied many of the other non-RC Christian groups and my only other choice is atheism. As I said before, I discovered the teachings of the church in a KJV Bible, before I learned of them in my Church - our modern catechises was insanely substandard when I was growing up. I have attended church services with many non-Catholic friends. I am open to the Truth and put my faith fully in God, not man.

I do not ask Mary for guidance on the scriptures. I ask God directly.

Is The Catholic Bible Biblical
If my memory serves me, I think that Daniel in the DSS was the Hebrew version missing the additions found in the Septuagint. Two sections, not 30 chapters.

What Is Catholic Lent
Part 7. This experience brings us closer to God and makes us more appreciative of what we have and what others need. Matthew 9:14-15, indicates that Christians will fast as part of their religious practice and that is what we do during Lent. My question for the Protestants out there, since Jesus stated that we would be fasting, how and when do you fast? I would be interested in learning about how the different denominations have incorporated this Biblical practice into your own faith traditions.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette: Jesus looked after His mother - and His cousins were prominent in the Church. If those first cousins had actually been His siblings born of Mary, then it would have been their God-Given responsbility to look after Mary, not John's. And since James was the Bishop of Jerusalem, you cannot go and say that he was unworthy of his responsbilities for abandonning Christ.

James was also the son of Alpheaus not Joseph, so Joseph did not father the oldest of these "brethren".

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette, the Bible is clear on the matter, even in English once you understand that we are all brothers and sisters, even with not related by blood.

Once again I ask, show me the passage that states that Mary the mother of Jesus had any other children. In the scriptures, siblings were identified by their common parents, not just by calling them "brothers" because that was not definitive in the orginal languages. The other James and John are brothers because their father is Zebedeee.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette, the word used for brothers and sisters, in the original languages does in fact include cousins. And some of the relatives mentioned in your reference, are related to Jesus through His aunt.

The Bible in its original languages does NOT support your argument.

I would also point out that when Jesus condemned the Traditions of Men - He used the example of paying to get out of looking after your mother and father in their old age.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Jude, I would remind you that the BIBLE tells us to pray for one another and to ask others to pray for us, so right off the bat, your argument falls flat.

The Jesus Christ is our sole mediator between God and Man - that is Biblical and Catholic. But to say that no one can intercede for anyone else - that is a man-made tradition and countermands the very word of God. The only thing you have left is the hope that Christians do not really have eternal life until Jesus decides to honour His promise.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette: Given that Mary was already betrothed, the only explanation for Mary's response was that her betrothed was her guardian for her vow of virginity (which did occur back then). And given that the first three "brothers" of Jesus belong to other parents than Mary and Joseph, and that Jesus gave Mary into the care of John who was also not a blood brother - Mary could not have had any other children.

Is Planned Parenthood Murder
I cannot see Planned Parenthood ever endorsing the Rhythm Method as there is no money in it. And those who use Natural Family Planning do not use it because it is not as effective as other natural methods.

However, the leading path to abortion is failed contraception. And putting artificial products between you and your partner in order to interfere with your God given fertility does have consequences.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless

"Hail [Mary], Full of Grace
The Lord is With Thee, Blessed art thou among women..." (Luke 1:28 just a different translation).

"...And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, [Jesus]." (Luke 1:42)

"Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

The latter portion is our own, but the term Mother of God also comes from Luke 1:43 where Elizabeth identifies Mary as the mother of her Lord (who is God).

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette, I am an amateur historian and my family has been Catholic on my mother's side for centuries - they had no trouble reading the scriptures and family Bibles were passed down from generation to generation - the printing press was a great invention.

When Martin Luther translated the Bible into German, there were already several German editions of the Bible, including four in Low German. Wycliffe was NOT the first to translate any part into English.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette, The Church did put some restrictions on the vernacular in certain countries because of heretics butchering the scriptures. BUT, Catholics were permitted to read the scriptures in the vernacular with proper guidance from either a pastor or reference to the early Christian writers as a guide. OF course, the Bible was available to all in Latin since the fifth century.

Take Communion Often
Holly, Jesus gathered His aposles together and showed them how to do this at the Lord's Supper. The Mass follows the wording Christ used and have done so from the very beginning of Christianity. When Jesus instructed His chosen Apostles to "do this in memory of me", He was telling them to repeat what He had shown them to do. His other discourses, including John 6, prepared them for this moment. The Christians in the early Church prior to Constantine all believed and practiced this.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Janette, the title "First Born" was applied to the first child out of a womb (woman or animal), regardless of whether or not other children were born. Biblically and historically, there is no meaning for the term "only" child. The First Born was consecrated to God, the First Born inherited property, the First Born meant something, "only" means nothing except to a 20+Century rebel.

Take Communion Often
Holly, I would also point out that Judas did NOT get it wrong - he just did not believe. Lack of Faith is not the same as heresy. Ignatius was a willing disciple who did believe in Jesus and listened very closely to what John had to say. Ignatius hung around with the other Christians even when some were being executed and he never betrayed any of them. Ignatius was not spouting his own personal opinion but what he had been taught. Just as you are now. But his teacher was more reliable.

Believers In Works
The most difficult book in the Bible is Paul's letter to the Romans. Peter warns that Paul's writings are hard to understand and that the unlearned and unstable twist it to their own destruction.

Romans does indeed say in 3:28 "Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law."

But that does not negate everything else that Paul said in that same epistle. It must be read in context.

Baptist Denomination Beginnings
Sorry Trey, I did not mean to rant on an on. You have not been mean spirited, and I do not recall you insisting on spreading false rumours. I just needed to vent a little and I hope that others will take my advice and check their sources or stick with the scriptures.

Churches Weigh People Down
As mentioned previously, this was a very specific reference to the Jewish leaders who did impose many man-made traditions that benefitted themselves or their own whims. Some even went around measuring how far someone walked during the Sabbath in order to penalize them if they stepped too far.

Jesus condemned a particular man-made tradition in Matthew 15:3-9. They were getting rich by others not wanting to care for their own parents.

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