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How Old Is The Sun
Sorry Jerry6953 you are wrong again as usual, the original source was an article from Wikipedia confirmed by articles by NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA/Spitzer Space Telescope. The age of stars can be deterred by slight variations in the frequencies of light they radiate.

How Old Is The Sun
It is good to remember that Martin Luther threw the book Revelation out of the Protestant Canon as there was nothing Godly in it and he was correct in so doing so, why all the concern over this damnable trash anyway?

How Old Is The Sun
The Sun formed about 4.567 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a region within a large molecular cloud. Most of the matter gathered in the center, while the rest flattened into an orbiting disk that would become the Solar System.

How To Study The Bible
Logos Software produces some of the most comprehensive tools for computer based Bible study aids. It is expensive but you get what you pay for, development cost is expensive. They are located in Bellingham, Washington.

How Should Christians Pray
Brian, the last part of the Lords Prayer for thine is the power and the glory for ever amen is not original text it is a spurious addition from the middle ages you will not find it in early Greek texts.

Is Mary Special In Heaven
No, Mary was just a typical Jewish Mother.

How You Became A Christian
YHWH gives his irresistible grace to those he has chosen to be in his divine family and be co siblings with Christ, you have nothing to do with the transaction what so ever. YHWH made his decisions billions of years ago prior to starting the creation process.

Is Morning After Pill Murder
If you cold read the old testament in Hebrew you would know that the Bible states life begins at Birth Gen 3:7 [the Hebrew definition of soul so this whole topic is devoid of meaning.

Adam And Eve's Children
You are never going to know as women were not considered important the ancient world unless they were wealthy or powerful rulers. You are not reading history you are reading Hebrew oral traditions and they are very ethnocentric in nature. Hebrew tribal stories do not say they are the only people, they are saying they are the only people that count. Moses authorship starts in Genius Chapter 10 and the Hebrew priests did not start transcribing oral traditions until well after the conquest of Palestine. The Hebrew priests are picking what oral tradition they want to use and the order of presentation so it is not a true history.

Read The Bible in Order edited by Joseph Rhymer -- Doubleday 1975

I Just Accepted Jesus Christ
YHWH selected everyone he wanted in his family prior to the creation process all you are doing is accepting a decision that was previsouly made by YHWH!!!

Earth Was Destroyed
It is a shame Jerry6593 that your mother was never sure who your father was!!!

Earth Was Destroyed
The problem that most of the bloggers on this topic do not understand whom wrote what when. Gap or no gap is a nonissue. Moses authorship of Genesis does begin until chapter 12. Genesis Chapter 1 through 11 is from Priestly sources written well after Joshua has defeated all of Palestine and the Levite Priest Editors have transcribed oral tradition into hard copy. Then they have to order their manuscripts into a presentation order and finally write textual material blend all of their oral transcribed traditions together to get a continuity of flow. You are not dealing with a real history as the Levite Priestly Editors are picking the oral traditions to include as well as the presentation order.

Uniting Of Many Religions
Kenneth Copeland Ministries has a donor alert on Ministry Watch for Financial Transparency.

Do You Attend Church
I am a Calvinist Presbyterian (PCUSA) we tend to do things decently and in good order.

God Breathed Scriptures
One of the problems is there are no original texts of the New Testament papyri or Uncials and there was no quality control associated with New Testament reproduction what so ever.

Our best source for an accurate New Testament is the Textual Analysis done by Kurt and Barbara Aland.

If you are still using a KJV keep it as a family record of birth, marriages and deaths. But as far is being an accurate New Testament you are better off reading a roll of toilet paper.

Paddle Teenage Daughters
Corporal Punishment is a bad idea at any age currently [regrettably] if state child protective services finds out you can have all the children in the household removed by the state. It not worth the potential risk to the family unit.

You can possibly be charged with Child Abuse or Child Endangerment even if you have someone else apply corporal punishment.

Medical personal have to report to the state if they suspect anything the same thing applies to teachers and councilors. It is simply not worth the risk, find an alternative method of discipline.

Understanding Of The Gospel
Enjoy Your Reprobation Leon and by a lot of Nomex clothing you are going to need it!!!

Understanding Of The Gospel
Enjoy Your Reprobation Leon and by a lot of Nomex clothing you are going to need it!!!

Read Only The Bible
Textual reproduction of Jewish scrolls was a very manacles process there line counts, word counts and character counts as well as just trading the text for accuracy any error found the page had to be destroyed and rewritten.

In early New Testament reproduction there was no quality control what so ever. A group of slaves were taught to read and write Greek one slave read the others slaves transcribes what they thought he said and this causes all kinds of problems. The source text was all capitals letters and words were not separated they are all consented together. Some source text contained errors as there was as there was no quality control regarding source text selection.

When Paul refers to scripture it's the Old Testament.

Read Only The Bible
In the AV it says that the women bought a 100 pounds of spices to anoint Christ body while more modern translations will say about 75 pounds which is correct?

They both are correct. A Roman pound was not 16 oz it was 11.6 oz and hundred 11.6 oz pounds weigh about seventy five 16 ox measures.

A Concordance tells you in what chapter verses a single term is used

A Lexicon tells you what a term means.

A reverse Concordance tells you all of the possible renderings in the target language a single Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek terms may be.

Transliteration is simply moving a term from Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek to a target language un-translated but makes it readable in the target language.

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