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Not To Be My Husband
aka, there you go again attacking MY responses. That's why I left this board the last time and I'm going AGAIN.

I'm sorry if you are so carnally minded that you can't "see" the Spiritual meaning of this scripture. And I'm sorry if God didn't speak gently to you what He did to me. And I'm also sorry that you feel this need to CONTINUE to attack my responses.

What is the bone of contention you have towards me?

Please forgive me for whatever it is that you're holding against me. I forgive you aka.

Moderators, please let this post. Thank you very much. I won't post anymore since my responses are so "off the wall" according to aka.

Not To Be My Husband
Joni, are you passionately in love with Jesus? Jesus is coming back for a Bride without spot or wrinkle, maybe He is saving you for Himself.

Isaiah says, "For your maker is your husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name."

God said in Jeremiahm, "I will betroth (marry) you to me."

Maybe God is preparing you to be HIS bride and since God is a Jealous Bride, He won't have your heart divided between an earthly husband and God. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but being in a love relationship with Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit is the most AWESOME thing you can ever experience. Fall in Love with Jesus and see what happens, okay? (((huggs))))

My Boyfriend Just Left Me
Kay, fall in love with Jesus. I was where you are now and I chose Jesus and once I began to pray and tell Jesus I wanted to fall in love with Him and make him my Everything, He began to reveal Himself to me.
Today, 28 years later, I am passionately in love with Jesus so much so that people say to me, "I don't understand your obsession with Him." He will Love you and do things for you and you will be in a very close relatinship with Him.

Buy the book, "Hinds Feet on High Places." You can order it through CBD (Christian Book Distributors). It's inexpensive and you will read it in three or four nights. I've read it about 8 times now and still want to read it again. ((huggss)) I am praying for you.

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
James_L you raised a good point. But HOW does the Holy Spirit come and indwell inside of a beliver? Most fundamentalists think it's when you say the sinners prayer which isn't in the bible. You are correct, but HOW does the Holy Spirit come and indwell inside of the believer in the fisrt place? I can give you many scriptures that says, "By the laying on of hands." or "God Breathed on them and they received the Baptism."

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Joy, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not some emotion-filled experience/ceremony.

You don't get it by working in a soup kitchen. You get it by the laying on of Hands by someone else who already has Him.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is God giving you His Holy Spirit to come and dwell inside of you.

Know ye not ye are a temple of the Holy Ghost. You don't have to be a mature Christian to get Him. You do need to seek and ask Father God for Him. Then find someone who already has the Baptism and ask them to lay hands on you and pray for you. The Holy Spirit of the Lord that is on that person will be imparted to you if you let them pray for you for it. Does that make a little bit more sense?

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Joy, since folks here are arguing with each other, I have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so here's my advice to you.

Find a Pentecostal Spirit filled church/Pastor. Ask him to pray for you. Read the book of Acts and STUDY how they got the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then Ask God for Him, and "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened."

You need someone who already has the Baptism to lay hands on you and pray for it for you. Then go by faith and believe you have Him. Start praying and asking the Lord, "Lord do I have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?" Or how do I go about getting it?" The Lord will answer a prayer like this. ((huggss))) I'll be praying for you.

Tim Tebow Representing Christians
Mark_V I hear your heart on Tim. And I agree with you.

He gives Jesus all the Glory. Of course persecution will come and it will even come from Christians on this board.

Very few can "bear witness" to who is their brother or sister in the Lord. You really need the gift of discerning of spirits to be able to "see" the Spirit of Truth that lives within Tim.

Know ye not ye are a temple of the Living God and He dwells inside of you? I believe Jesus is Tim's Lord and Savior.

The world is falling apart, the economy is melting down, people are killing one another and we're going to come against a football player who kneels and gives Jesus the Glory when he scores a touchdown?

Tim Tebow Representing Christians
He's giving GOD the Glory for all of the touchdowns he's thrown and the last one that was thrown was in OVERTIME, the FIRST throw into overtime and he throws and a touchdown was scored.

I would thank God too if that happened to me.

I think it's nice he's expressing his thankfulness on the field. Many are catching on...we need more people like this who aren't ashamed to acknowledge God in public.

Does Divorce Seems To Pass
The storm DOES pass. I went through a divorce. You will be sad for a while, so give yourself time to heal. Cry and grieve as long as you need to and surround yourself with a good friend who will listen to your heart and how badly you are hurting. My heart goes out to you.

I've always said divorce is painful no matter what the reason. Mine was for Domestic Violence. Why did you get divorced?

Father Forgive Them
Hi Cluny, that doesn't really help me understand, but thanks for the suggestion.

It is my understanding that Jesus said, "Unless ye repent, ye shall perish."

So if He is asking Father God to forgive people for crucifying Him, then can he do that NOW-A-DAYS? and then people won't have to repent?

Are Denominations Wicked
Romans 11:5 - Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

Revelation 12:17 - And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ

Are Denominations Wicked
Cluny, I beginning to realize either you don't read and study the same bible I do, or you interpret the bible the way YOU want to interpret it.

You are the one who is wrong, but who cares? God knows who His Bride is and who isn't.

Mark_V is correct. He gives an excellent explanation and it's biblical, based on scripture.

There is a remmant, you may not be a part of it Cluny and maybe that's why you don't know about it. "The secrets of the Lord are for those who fear him."

What Do Mormons Believe
Mormonism is definitely a cult...period. They're a cult so Rick Perry lied just to please man. Does a liar deserve to be our next President of the United States?

Vampires On The Loose
I think this is a good question to answer because it shows how demons are on the loose.

satan is the prince of the power of the air and he roams about seeking whom he may devour.

There are 2 forces on this earth. The Holy Spirit and evil spirits called demons.

Demons enter a person when they open a door and let satan in. When kids are brought up with no beliefs or no scripture in their lives, satan finds an open door and drives and torments them and gets them to steal, kill and destroy their own life.

Remember, the devil is trying to take as many people to hell with him as possible. Young people are very vulnerable these days. Let's pray for them.

Are Denominations Wicked
I don't believe that at all.

Christ's church is the Bride of Christ.

God is calling out a remmant to become His Bride. The true Bride will smell carnality in a church and most likely leave that church.

There is a difference between the Bride of Christ and the Daughters of Jerusalem. The Bride is spotless, without wrinkle and made clean by the Word. The Daughters compromise the Word of God, stay in churches who preach watered down word to satisfy the flesh of the people. I think Pastors pet the sheep instead of feeding the sheep for fear of losing their congregation. I know I'll get attacked on this answer, but I believe it's the truth.

What Do Mormons Believe
This blog was very educational to read because Rick Perry said he does NOT believe Mormonism is a cult, but after reading these responses, I still believe it's a cult. Do you?

How can a religion take away the diety of Jesus, believe in pologamy, etc., and sway so far away from scriputre and think they are correct in their beliefs? I must be naieve.

Husband Died Of Cancer
Judy (((hugging you)))) I actually walk with people through their grieving process. I lost my father 3 years ago so I know the depth of your pain. You can email me here Donna5535 and then I will give you my personal email address. My heart TRULY goes out to you. I feel your pain. I keep saying the human spirit can't handle the sting of death. But I can help you and I want to help you. Email me, okay?

((((hugging you tightly)))
Love you Judy,

Purpose Of God's Grace
To show His unmerited favor upon our lives.

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