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Repentance For Salvation
I was taught that the word repent means to turn from sin. Is this teaching wrong?

Only Teach From The Gospels
///Test the following verse, against what you have been taught.
(John 8:34)
"Everyone who sins, is a slave to sin."
Does your Church teach this?
What did the Light reveal?
---David on 11/27/10///

There is a definite conflict between that verse and what I have been taught in the
Southern Baptist church I attend. They believe what Jesus says, only they teach that those who are saved are no longer slaves to sin.Why would Paul have taught this if it were not true?

Apostle Paul's Gospel
I just read what Barb said on the 19th,
(Paul taught that salvation is a gift given to us by the death of Jesus on the cross. He teaches salvation by grace and justification thru faith. Gal 2:16.
---barb on 11/19/10)

Can someone tell me if we are saved before we are justified or are we Justified and then saved, or if we even need to be justified to be saved?

Why Was Paul Chosen
David, if the Old Patch is Paul, what are the old and new wine skins in the parable?

Why Was Paul Chosen
//What kind of patch would you use to fix a hole in an old garment?
---David on 11/9/10//

I'll bite, you've spawned my curiosity.
I have patched many blue jeans over the years and have usually made a patch from one of the pockets to fix them. So my answer would be that you would use a patch from the same cloth to fix an old garment.

Meaning Of Repentance
How do I to turn to God?

Circumcision Of The Heart
Thankyou everybody for taking the time to answer my question. I now understand what circumcision of the heart means.
David thankyou for all those scriptures from the gospels. I really enjoy reading your posts and have learned alot of errors in what I thought was the truth.
Question? You are always quoting John8:34 could you tell me why you seem to have centered your teaching on this verse?

Circumcision Of The Heart
***The only reference to an actual spiritual "circumcision" speaks of the removal of the sin nature at conversion as being a sort of circumcision in that circumcision is the removal of something.
Bruce5656 on 10/16/10***

Do we really lose the sinful nature at conversion. If we do why do we continue to sin?

Circumcision Of The Heart
Thank you all for your answers. Can any of you offer support for your answers from the gospels of Jesus? Did Jesus even teach about the circumcision of the spirit?

Favorite Bible Preacher
David who do think the ten virgins are in the parable?

Is If Faith By Works
***please do not muddy up the gospel and lead Homer astray. ---JIM on 8/13/10***

The doctrine of faith without works is what has led me astay Jim. David seems to be able to prove what he says, and all he says is clearly written in the Bible. If you have a problem with what David teaches you are the one who muddies up the gospels.

David how does this faith by works cause me to trust in God the way Abraham did?

Am I Saved By Belief
The New Covenant is made with those who live by Faith in Jesus Christ and not by works.
---David on 8/11/10

David, for the first time, I actually enjoyed reading Romans. Thankyou for your explaination. After reading Romans I have one more question if you don't mind. What's the difference between faith by works and the works Paul wrote about."Not by works but by faith"

Am I Saved By Belief
***Read (Matthew 7:21)
Homer, when if you have Faith in someone, if you believe in them, you will do what they tell you to do.
---David on 8/10/10***

Okay David, point well taken. You don't leave a guy much room for argument when you quote Jesus all the time.If I disagree then you cause me to disagree with Jesus.Very clever!
I can see what you are saying, but how do you explain Paul's teaching on works with what you believe?

Am I Saved By Belief
***Now in (Genesis 21), God commands Abraham to kill his only son Isaac, Abraham in complete obedience to God, prepares to do as God commands.
This took Great Faith on the part Abraham, and shows just how much his faith in God had grown. ---David on 8/8/10***

David this is not an example of faith.
This is obedience. God commanded Abraham and he did it. Why do you say that this is faith when was clearly works?

Am I Saved By Belief
Homer put the word of Jesus Christ into practice, and then you will know the Truth.
---David on 8/7/10

I think I am already doing this. David what am I missing?
Also I enjoyed your posts.

Am I Saved By Belief
***Belief is a work that we do, and we can't be save by any of our own works
---RICHARD on 8/6/10***

Richard this is where I get so confused about the teachings in my church. They also teach that our works has nothing to do with me being saved. Can I be saved if I do not repent? Before I was baptized I was told if I wanted to be saved I needed to repent and be baptized then after I was saved I was told that I didn't need to do anything to be saved. Can you see why I am so confused?

Am I Saved By Belief
Thankyou for all your answers and your help.
So many different answers that it is very hard to decide on who is right and who is wrong. I have been baptized and confessed my sin and still there is this nagging question I heard a preacher once ask,
If Jesus were to come today, would he take you?
It scares me all the time and with do many different beliefs, I just don't know what to do.
Should I try them all?

Do We Deserve Grace
******Does one grow in the favor of God by doing nothing?
If this was the Truth, the answer, "absolutely nothing" should be given to the question "What must I do to be saved."
---David on 7/29/10******

I have never thought of it that way before.
I have been reading your posts and you do make it easy to understand, but if what you say is true, how do you explain what Paul taught?

Is Killing In A War Wrong
All of you have not gone to the life and teaching of Jesus or the New Testament for your reasons/justification for killing in war. You look only to the Old Test. emcee - Jesus was talking about government money/taxes, not your body. I Cor. 3:29,20 says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit - you are not your own but bought at a price. john whose commands take priority in your life? God & Christ or a civil government? If the government, then what if you are living in Iraq under Saddam?

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