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Rich Man Lazarus
Actual true story or a simple parable? I do not know.
But the "great gulf" Jesus tells us about in the account came about as a "reaped harvest" from the rich man's inability to cross over a distance in order to help Lazarus while they both were living.
Before the rich man died, Lazarus laid AT HIS GATE hoping for his scraps. The rich man thought the distance to render aid to Lazarus was too great. In death he reaped exactly what he sowed... A GREAT GULF that hindered anyone from rendering AID to him!
I appreciate the blog question. But at the same time I think the lesson of the story gets lost in religious questions. (Go whatever distance it takes to render aid when you're able)

Who Is The Serpent
Adam was MOVED by his BELLY/appetite to disobey.
Later, God decreed the serpent would forever NOW MOVE on it's BELLY. Hmmm?
Be mindful: The law of sowing and reaping ALWAYS operates!
The REAPED RESULTS were seeded by ADAM'S FIRST WORDS HE SPOKE. His words are responsible for the SERPENT'S appearance, the fall, every mess man's seen.
THE ENEMY or "satan" of God has always been fallen mankind's appetites and words.
I suggest for ALL disciples a humble(non know-it-all) labored, closer look at why Adam identified his wife's name as "woman" instead of "Eve". Observe the IMMEDIATE impact made in the scriptures that followed.

The Pharasees, like we all, were the sons of Adam. Not a fallen angel!

Who Is The Rock
Peter isn't THE TRUTH. Jesus is! A portion of Truth was given to Peter. He's a piece of THE ROCK.
The foundation the Church was built on is TRUTH of JESUS' Identity. "Whom do men say that I am?"
Get the answer to that question correct then you have and ARE the proper foundation. Get it incorrect and you don't and ARE NOT. The church was built on very accurate testimonies by the prophets and apostles. Peter wasn't the only one.
Without "The Word of TRUTH"(aka Jesus), ALL the prophets and apostles have no TRUTH to speak. So their being the foundation is totally reliant on the SURE FOUNDATION... JESUS!
Peter, John, Paul and etc. epistles are foundational. Isaiah, Amos, David's and etc. are foundational.

Who Is The Rock
"Whom Do MEN Say that I(Jesus) am?"
A rock is used as a foundation for building.
When any man properly identifies Jesus as Messiah and Son Of God, that man's foundation is solid because it's BASED or FOUNDED on Truth. The LORD actually built His church on the proper identification of Jesus which was spoken by the Prophets of OLD and the Apostles of the New Testament. Peter spoke the proper ID so Jesus called him a "little rock".
Improper identification of Jesus by the same person a few verses later caused Jesus to identify Peter as an Adversary. If you aren't in harmony with the foundation, you are working adversely against Christ. Peter Did!

Satan A Fallen Angel
I guess my responses can be compared to playing checkers... Didn't know it was my turn.
Blessings in Christ!

p.s. Remember to read Daniel 4
Teachers often erroneously use the passage in Isaiah 14 as reference to prove an angel was kicked out of Heaven. Heard it 1000's of times. What puzzles me is this, I've never heard a teaching about Isaiah 14 combined with Daniel chapter 4??? Daniel 4 is unquestionable that it is the fulfillment of what Isaiah was speaking about... A human king. NOT an angel.
Today's word: Human Personal Responsibility

Satan A Fallen Angel
Ref is Isaiah14 BUT fulfillment of this specific prophecy is Daniel 4. After reading Daniel chap4, one would have to hold tight to a bad tradition in order to justify the mis-teaching about an alleged fallen angel.
In order for a teaching to be correct that Isaiah's passage is about an angel, THAT angel would have to be positioned on earth when the alleged bad angel rebels and gets chopped down. Isaiah's TREE was!
Truth is, an angel chopped from below doesn't jive with an angel tossed from above.
Agree or not, re-read Isaiah14:4-19 and all of Daniel 4.
"Since thou art laid down, No FELLER is come against us" Isaiah 14:8 "How thou art FALLEN from heaven, O Lucifer... cut down to the ground." Isaiah 14:12

Satan A Fallen Angel
If one would read this passage in PROPHET Isaiah a little closer with unbiased eyes, one might notice that 'Fallen from heaven' and 'cut to the ground' were phrases used to prophesy the future fall of Prideful Lofty-minded King Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom by comparing it to how a TALL TREE is chopped down and "felled" to the ground. To FALL a tree means to CHOP IT DOWN.
Trees aren't FELLED by being tossed down from the clouds, they are chopped down from below. But the majesty of their HIGH and LOFTY tree tops FALL to the ground from "heaven" meaning THE SKY.
This passage has nothing to say directly or indirectly about an angel being tossed from Heaven.

Is Peter The Rock Or Church
Great discussion!

Concrning the "singular" tense of "rock", Yes! There ONE Rock. That Rock(foundation) is TRUTH. Specifically, God's Truth. That singular Rock is not obtained by flesh and blood(including Peter).
But the Truth "in" Peter(the TRUE revelation of the identity of Messiah), is the foundation of the church today.
The prophets foretold TRUTH. ALL Apostles saw the TRUTH crucified, raised and ascend. Prophets and Apostle's TRUTH is the foundation of the church! Cornerstone is MESSIAH(Christ).
When Jesus said, thou art Peter, he was identifying "Simon" according to God's singular TRUTH.
Moments earlier, Peter identified Jesus by revealed TRUTH. Same Source... GOD our ROCK!

What Was The Serpent
Thanks Peter!

Is Peter The Rock Or Church
Neither and both!
The ROCK(FOUNDATION) Jesus was referring to was "accurate identification".
More specifically and importantly was "accurate identification" of Jesus as Messiah, Son of the Living God.
Peter's God-given ability to perform the correct identification made him a piece of the foundational rock(petros). Identifications of OT Prophets and NT Apostles are the foundation.
BTW, A few verses down, Peter inaccurately identifies the path Messiah should take. Immediately Jesus accurately identifies Peter as SATAN for his ADVERSARIAL comment regarding his view that Jesus(MESSIAH) NOT go to Jerusalem to be crucified.
Accurate Identification(of Messiah) is THE ROCK the Church is built on.

What Was The Serpent
(Serpent in the hebrew ment bright and shining one)/Adrian on 3/11/13

Adrian, where did you find evidence for this translation. Can you please give a source to look this up.

(Eve said the serpent beguiled me and I did eat...
She accepted the fruit of his loins and then turned and gave also to adam.
There was two conceptions. one by satan "Cain" and one by Adam "Abel") /Also Adrian on 3/11/13

Is Adam... Abel? Satan... Cain?

Cursed Fig Tree
Some nice, well thought out responses here.
I also see the humanity of Jesus on display.
"seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves"
I see Jesus pronouncing a judgment on "appearances".

Women Must Keep Silent
"Sister" Shira,
Never my intention to Pick or Pry... I truly realize that's not the way to go. Thanks again for clarifying!
God Bless You... M'am!!!

Women Must Keep Silent
Shira, Thanks for restating your stance on this matter.
-I don't see what the scriptures about being bishops(overseers) has to do with women keeping silence in the church. Two different subjects!
-AMEN to you, God doesn't contradict Himself. But our subtle inaccuracies do contract truth. KEEP LISTENING!
-I see contradictions in your interpretations. Because you used a scripture about bishops to back up your opinion about silencing women in the church, it seems a bit vain for me to blog any other scriptural evidences. You seem very convinced of your position at this time.
So with all sincerity... "God Bless You!"
And pardon the "guys" comment. I seem to never figure out the gender of a blogger.

Women Must Keep Silent
Sorry Guys. But I can't tell whether we are in agreement on women preaching in the church or not. HELP!
I say they can. I use both scriptures in I Corinthians that you mentioned as non-contradicting verses.
I believe they do contradict the notion that women cannot preach or speak in church.
Pardon any confusion on my part.

Not Take God's Name In Vain
If Bill Gates adopted me and gave me his name. And if I was to take the Gates name and live like a poor, desperate bum on the side of the road with a beggers' sign begging for a buck and cigarettes by the road side, then I HAVE TAKEN THE NAME OF BILL GATES "IN VAIN". There are benefits to taking that name.
"In vain" means... for no reason. Or... not for the intended purpose.

Taking the name YHVH(Jehovah) in vain is a gazillion times worse than the Bill Gates example!
The best of us Christians are GUILTY of this act every single day.
Me and you included!

"Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget none of His benefits..."

Women Must Keep Silent
Argue with God and Paul, not me. Women can pray and even prophecy IN THE CHURCH.(Heads covered though) BUT they can speak.

/But every woman that PRAYETH or PROPHESIETH with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn./ICor11:5-6 KJV

Below is a direct Bible quote of 1Cor14:34-36 since my transliteration caused a slight stir.

34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak, but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.
35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
36 What?

Women Must Keep Silent
Women must keep silent in the church. They aren't permitted to speak...
Did the word of God come directly out from you? Or was it only you that received a grand revelation from God?
If ANY man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that "I"(Paul) write unto you ARE the COMMANDMENTS of the Lord.
And here what I say...
"Seek to prophecy and don't put religious restrictions on tongues"

Teach Jesus Is Our Rest
Like many of the blogs, the question phrasing either needs more clarification or it means exactly what it means. I suspect the question may be a Trojan Horse.
BUT... Choosing to answer the latter... Christians should never teach the breaking of the Ten Commandments.
May I add as fuller clarification... Our TOTAL inability to keep the commandments(that have not ceased) serve to point all mankind toward the "so great salvation" given us by grace.
Bring on the horse!!!

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