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What Are You Thankful For
Travel mercies: I found myself returning from Oregon,
helping drive a 34 feet Motorhome to Southern CA.
Travelingon the 405 Santa
Monica Freeway we suddenly had a blowout of the front left tire but were able to keep the Motorhome from hitting any of the hundreds of vehicules traveling the same freeway and just as fast as were traveling.
Praise the Lord for keeping us safe!

Where Does Our Soul Dwell
At death the body returns to dust and the spirit of life returns to te Creator. What about the soul, IT CEASES TO

Lake Of Fire Alive Or Dead
GORDON: La Bible enseigne qu'il n'y a que 2 fins pour
La vie eternelle OU
La mort. For the wages of sin is DEATH not what you claim.
Talking about the ciy of Sodom, the Bible teaches that
it would be destroyed by an
fire that would not go out YET it has gone out!

Lake Of Fire Alive Or Dead
All who will experience the
lake of fire will be ALIVE at the beginning of their experience but will all end up DEAD (consumed by the fire), for the wage of sin is
DEATH not continuous suffering.

Are Dead Present With God
Let me answer the question you recorded at the end of your blog: What happens to us at death?
When a person dies his/her body returns to earth and the
spirit/breath of life returns to the Creator God, until the person is resurrected at the 1st resurrection or the 2nd resurrecton.

What's Up November 2011
I praise the Lord for giving me a clean bill of health. I
just had a Cat Scan and it came out clean: NO CANCER!!
Thank you Jesus.

Is The Bible Trustworthy
2 TIM 3:16/2nd 1:2/John 10:35
It claims to be ispired. It was writtten by man who were guided by the HS It canot be broken or proven untrue.
John 17:17
Jesus quoted scripture: sanctify them by your truth, Your word is truth.
Isa 42:8-9/Isa 46:9-10
Bible predictions of things to happen in the future confirm the inspiration of scriptures aas they come to pass.
PS 119:160/Johm 16:13 tell us that the Bible is true and that it will guide us in all the truths.
Isai 45:19
points out that the historical statements of the Bible are accurte/true.

Fear As Salvation Motive
As for the text you mentioned, Christ is talking about being afraid of those
who kill the body and soul not those who by using FEAR as a weapon try to lead others to repent of their sins.
I still believe it is bad to
use force to lead others to

Fear As Salvation Motive
I fear/respect God because he designed a wondeful plan of Salvation for me not because He threatens to zap me if I don't fear/love Him.

Fear As Salvation Motive
Lee and Christian,
I repeat what I said before.
When the BIBLE refers to FEARING GOD it is talking about being RESPECTFUL + REVERENT toward the Lord.
It does not mean TO BE AFRAID of Him.
Read: 2 TIM 1:7
spirit of fear vs spirit of
love. ROM 8:15 spirit of bondage to fear vs the spirit of adoption. 1 JOHN 4:18 no fear in love fear has torment, he that feareth is not pefect in love (and Godd is love). ETC ETC!

Fear As Salvation Motive
NO! Fear is not a good weapon to use to turn people around, unless it is Fear =
The Lord would rather we serve Him out of LOVE, love for his wonderful gift of salvaion which He secured for us on Calvary.

Commandments Of God
Lee: 1538
This morning I just about let the devil have his way in that I was about to go off on you for the untruths
you come up with on these pages but I was reminded that we live in a country where we still enjoy free speech. So
have at it! Hopefully you will see the light before it is too late.

Law Of God Versus Moses
There are many differences between the two laws:
Mose's law contained the temporary ceremonial Law of the OT. It regulated the priesthood, sacrifices, riua,s, meat and drink offerings,etc. They pointed forward to Christ's sacrifice and when He died this law came to an end BUT the 10 commandment law stands for ever and ever, There is nothing "temporary" about it. (Luke 16:17)

Commandments Of God
What is meant by 'commandments of God'is exactly what it says about them, that they are the commandments given by God. They are still valid, including the 4th which affirms God's role as Creator.

Will Jesus Take Me Back
YES ! Jesus will take back someone like you. Remember he has promised to forgive your sins if you will comfess them and repent from them, no matter how messed up your life seems to you at this time. So don't waste another minute but get on your knees, tell him how sorry you are and get up a new man!

Different Resurrections
The first resurrection is for those who are saved resulting in their mortality being changed to immortality.It will tak place when Jesus returns. The second resurrcton is for the wicked
who will die again by fire after recognizing God's fair-ness. Their execution will take place at then of the millenium.

How To Be Saved List
1. God offers us salvation through Jesus. Math. 1:21
2. Salvation means we receive etrnal life if we enter into a personal reltionship with God. John 17:3 + John 3:16.
3. There is only one way to salvation and it is not an easy road. Math. 7 13-14
4. Salvation cannot be earned.
It is a gift. Eph 2:8-9.
5. Receiving savation is a powerful, personal response to the gospel including repentance for sin. Acts 2 37--38.
6. Receiving salvation is simple, direct, personal and public. Rom 10 8-10

Baptize A Second Time
I think it would be fair to say that your "baptisme" as a
"non practicing" catholic does not count as a 1st baptisme since it was probably not by immersion.
So, if should chose to be baptized the Pentacostel way,
it would really be your first baptisme.

With Demons Heaven Bound
Besides the fact that nobody goes to heaven when he/she dies, a person having a lying spirit, a spirit of fear or a demon of lust will not inherit
eternal life. Such a person would be ill at ease on the new earth and God want us to be happy there, not complaining
for HAVING TO LIVE there!

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