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My Pastor Is A Dictator
Our Calvary Chapel Pastor has ran so many off, because of his controlling ways. Only God's in control ....

Did Jesus Build Crosses For Pay
Render unto Ceaser what is his. All people had to pay taxes back then and yes as wood was limited But they did have it and Romans had an almost unlimited supply of disposable slave labor and they exploited it VERY efficiently. Most likely Jesus did build his own cross who else's hands would be perfect enough for that job? NOT MINE! The Romans were also very effective killers and they did so with surgical precision on a daily basis so running out of crossbars had to be a problem a piece of wood could only take so many dead guys hanging off of it in the hot sun with the acid from all the bird crap and flies and ants eating at it before it gives out. He can turn his own death into a celebration. AWESOME

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
My sister used to do it years ago. Could never understand it. In the book 'Dust of Life' Amerasian (half American/Viet) women born in Vietnam used to suffer through depression ,persecution and ridicule used to cut themselves also. Theres a dark spirit there.

Thanks to the person who put up the scripture Mark 5:2-5. Truly makes sense now.

Are Mormons Christians
Mormon's are by definition,a cult.[see Institute for Religious Reserch/Joeseph Smith].I have reserched this topic extensively,and determined that Mormonism is anything but christianity.God bless and open your eyes to the pure blasphamy this "Religion" represents.

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