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Can I Date A Non-Christian
"The Encounter" film makes it plain that the non-believer has to come to understand Jesus on their own terms - love God unconditionally
The film also shows that the believer must always love Jesus more than any person
I married a man I thought was Christian but was not. I was so miserable that I left after 13 years when our son was 5
Please pray and heed God - His Word, in the Bible and directly to your heart
Of course you'll continue to pray and love this man because he is God's creation. Let's pray that he becomes a Christian - not due to wanting to wed you but through a loving personal relationship with Jesus
Ruth Bell Graham prayed over 3 young men before meeting, then marrying Billy Graham - a good model to follow

What Was The Serpent
Good question!
Some people think that serpents could fly, breathe fire and were really beautiful. This could be the origin of all the dragon mythology
Satan is called many names (Satan means Adversary), including dragon and father of lies
When God renews the earth, we shall see for ourselves how serpents were created

What Is Death
Jesus refers to what we call death as a sleep - hence He could bring back to life "dead" people
The dead know nothing - this is in a few places in our Bible
We also know that this life is it. We will be judged on what we did with Jesus and His gift of life - restoring friendship between God and humanity
Either we accept the gift and eventually live with Jesus forever - or we pay the penalty for sin ourselves and die forever
The Bible teaches these are the only choices and none other

Obedience To Righteousness
First of all, recall that God requires obedience. Not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a test in obedience - failure to obey led to death and corruption
The reason we obey is now queried
We are not saved because we obey - Jesus told off the Pharisees for their obedience without love, mercy and compassion. Blind adherence to the Law will not, nor ever has, kept friendship between God and people
However, if you love Me, keep My commandments was what Jesus said
Love Jesus, be friends with Him, and you will want to do all He asks
We'll never perfectly keep His Law - even to think unlovingly or feel momentary evil is disobedience
Love Jesus? Obey!

Never Heard About Jesus
Great we're concerned for people who have not heard of Jesus and His astonishing love for humankind
Several writers state that such people will be judged on what they did in life according to the light they understood
E.G. People doing their selfless utmost for good in their community, that shall be accredited as being righteousness
Anyone aligning themselves with Satan, the Adversary, will receive just penalty - which the Bible says is the second death - won't live forever
I know God is totally fair, and is unwilling for any person to not live with Him eternally, so by all means God will save as many as possible of we humans
Behoves every believer to be an effective witness for Jesus in order for people to make informed decisions

Was Adam A Perfect Person
God makes everything perfect
He also gives all sentient beings free will - to love God is a choice
Therefore, Lucifer and all other angels, along with Adam and Eve, were created perfectly
Due to sin - and how disobedience came into Lucifer's heart I don't know - we are now born into sin
The Gospel's message is that although we are alive after sin entered this world, we can choose to be God's friend by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus in our place - love and obey Him, to eventually live forever

Posted On Facebook
It is lovely to want to share what we find powerful. To have friends listen without charge is quite ok. To post publically is a different thing. Next time, ask the copyright holder - then post on Facebook with the comment that video is posted with permission
Why? It is legal. Also moral. Think about if you wrote and performed for money, your work ... then someone else grabs a view and everyone sees it for free. How many CDs or DVDs will now be sold?
I appreciate your desire to bring Jesus to our attention
Next time, please check with those concerned - OK?

People Responsible For Actions
I would answer yes and no
Yes, our choices lead to success
No, we never are alone responsible
Firstly, God made us and gives us talent - to Him be the glory
Secondly, people and our environment shape us
Thirdly, all those who assisted us along the way - family, friends, supporters/sponsors, teachers, peers, those from whom we gleaned ideas - both living and long gone
If you're successful, share how it came about and rejoice in all ways to praise God and credit people
"God gives and God takes away"

Title Of Jesus Christ
Seriously, Scott, yes - God is in plural so the Father, Son and Spirit were in society together from the very beginning

Nothing is done without all Three agreeing - Let Us make man in Our likeness, for instance

Does God Know Every Thought
God does indeed exist - but if He did not, I would only share the fate of an Atheist. If He exists, I, along with myriads will live in perfect health and peace forever

Sure, God knows what we think, otherwise what would be the point of silent prayers?

Free will is key - we humans are not robots, we act as we desire. Even Christians muck up - the only difference between a person who believes and someone who does not, is how Jesus is perceived - and His acceptance, forgiveness and love, which are offered to everyone, have been embraced

Will Jesus Save Israel
Rather than worry about whether Jesus will save Israel, I am concened whether my faith in Jesus is sufficient to save me

As Jesus did not and does not reveal the whole future, let us be content in following His instructions - to love one another, to administer grace and mercy, to love sinners yet hate sin, including our own and obey His Commanments

Ungodly Dressed Kids
Children need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing which keeps them safe from the elements yet able to happily play

Easy care as clothes need frequent washing

Rather than ask what is ungodly - seek what God approves. Modestly attired with inner beauty shining through would be how I would summarise various Bible Verses

In addition, I dressed my child in clothes that were easy to put on and off and could be forgotten about so he could enjoy having fun being active

Can Sound Bible Teachers Fall
Anyone can think they teach truth when in fact it is error. Look at what Apostle Paul writes on this subject - one place is 1st Thessalonians. Keeping our thoughts and eyes fixed on Jesus is the only way to not be led away from solid Bible truth. Evven then, we must study with an open mind and heart after asking for God's Holy Spirit to guide us - lest we lead ourselves amiss. The Bereans were commended for searching the Scriptures to check new ideas - a sound foundation built upon in order to become mature believers. God never renounces His truth, our comprehension alters as we study. A test is whether everything shown aligns with Scriptur. The best liars present 99.9% fact - the 0.1% means all incorrect

Want Chase In My Marriage
Yes people can put sparkle back into relationships. It takes some planning and commitment to work. Surprise your spouse with children tended by grandparents and make a date - within your means. Star gaze at midnight. Dinner at the new place in town. Tickets for what they enjoy (not necessarily what you like but treat them). Over to you ...

What's Up August 2012
Great to read this blog - I pray you shall be blessed more and more as you help people and share Jesus

Should I Witness To People
An old song - "Oh Christian do you know you are a sermon in shoes?"
Your life is witness to what you believe
"Love them til they ask why - then love them more" as you answer their questions

I Question My Salvation
Questioning beliefs is a good thing as it helps define, refine and strengthen our faith

God says "Come let us reason together"

Jesus offers eternal life to all people but not every person responds positively to accept His gift

Whilst Jesus paid the penalty, we need to realise that total obedience means taking the back seat so He can be our life's Driver

Raising The Dead In America
I think faith in Jesus will even raise the dead. Perhaps its hard to beleive that God can awaken your buried dad , mom brother sister or whomever, but thats the point. It can be done if you beleive in the word of God as revealed several times in the bible. If we trust Him we can raise the dead with Him. This is no magic it is just the Power of the Living God.

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