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Was Adam A Perfect Person
Warwick sir you have not read about crusades or religious wars in europe? also please not mistake me for muslim. Thank you.

Can Sound Bible Teachers Fall
What is sound of one bible teacher falling?

Was Adam A Perfect Person
I see some christians fanatic like some muslims.

What's Up August 2012
Qatar is on Arabian Gulf. I am domestic.. better pay more freedom.

What's The Importance Of Church
If you like services may help you live better.

What's Up August 2012
Enjoying work in Qatar. Better place to work than Pakistan.

People Responsible For Actions
Here in Qatar we lucky not to have corruption.

What Is Death
Death lasts long time. Try enjoy life now.

What Was The Serpent
Serpent just part of story. Not necessary to wonder about before story.

Wrong Way To Pray
God is happy for our prayers however we pray.

Ungodly Dressed Kids
It is good to be modest.

Does God Know Every Thought
O yes God know every thought. You can not fool God.

People Responsible For Actions
Is good people can help mental disease.

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