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Catholics And Protestants Same
Pergatory does not exist. When I was Catholic they fed me this untruth. It could give someone a false sense of eternal security. There is NOTHING in scripture that backs up Pergatory. This myth is only in added books of a church doctrine. You would do better to pray for the living. After you die, that's it. I really hate to hear that some person believes in Pergatory, because I know they are going down a dead end. What you did with your life will be judged. Your church is lying to you!

Fly Jews To Israel
I don't care what other people say, especially if it's not Bible based. I choose to help the Jewish people. Their God reigns!

Fly Jews To Israel
We did it once and we would love to be able to do it again, if God supplies the extra money for it. Me and my wife donated that amount to a reputable Christian Jewish organization. We really wish we could have afforded to get at least 2 out of Russia to Isrial, but at least we got one soul out of there and back to their land. It's a joy to give onto the Lord! This is a good thing. Pray always for the peace of Jerusalem.

My Pastor Is A Dictator
Carol, why do you think he is becoming a dictator? Your not giving us any real info, here. All we have is your opinion. You could be right or you could be wrong. Please elaborate.

Jack Chick And Roman Catholics
What part of not making or bowing in front of a graven image don't you understand?

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