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Will America Survive
we shouldn't be troubled by the events in the world
when these things happen
look up your redemption draws near

My Husband Does Drugs
my name is christian and i do drugs. i am sorry you are going through this. i obviously dont know your husband but if he is like me we do the things that we do as a direct result of the drug use. i am not intentionally trying to hurt my wife. i know that doens't make it feel any less painful but its important that you know its not you. its the addiction. if we could quit on our own we would. So what should you do? Pray and Pray, ask God what to do. I did just today and he led me to 1 corn 10:13. I plan to use Gods promises in this verse to quit once and for all. God bless you and your family.

My Pastor Is A Dictator
Carol, It is impossible for any of us to give you the right advice unless you give us the details. For all we know he could be serving the Lord and you could be just rebellious. You heard about itchy ears, haven't you?

Is It Trinity Or Oneness
I think a lot of Trinity disagreement is symantics. I think we probably all believe closer to the same thing than we realize.

Who Out There Is A Christian
Ed, we are not condeming Catholics. We just don't recognize a lot of their customs. No harm intended.

Are Adventist A Cult
I'm Adventist. The religious-right protestants who have responded to this think that just b/c we observe the Sabbath that we are not saved by grace. If you want to dismiss the law entirely, that is your problem. Did you also want to dismiss the other 9 commandments? Frankly, we are all saved by grace and the ignorant among us need the most grace of all. Try being more tolerant.

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