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New Cursor On ChristiaNet
yes i took notice to the bible and yes i like it very much the only think is i dont know how to get some of the others.

Women Prefer To Stay Home
well i am retired so i cannot answer for the women today i was a stay at home mom for quite some time ,then the children were in school etc. so i went to work for myself for my happiness..... so it all depends on the circumstances of each home.

How To Forgive My Husband
well the only thing i can tell you is to pray about what you yourself would like do you forgive your husband are you both willing to go to consuling pray pray

Ever Made Fun Of Someone
no that is really degrading yourself. we never had a a lot of money but you know money doesnt make happiness... love does so that is what we had.

How Does Your Church Sing
our church used hymn books with a organist..we have a choir.

Is Dancing OK For Teenagers
when not let them dance as long as it is not offensive my good ness life is to short

How Do You Pray
i talk to the lord I have a prayer journal and just talk to him

She Wants Hysterectomy Now
gee i would have no idea why she would be this way. to me i would think she would be happy that you are getting this taken care of ...and you cannot schedule the operation the surgeons do..... look into the church and see if possible there is some one there tthat can help you .. maybe some teen ager might be looking for a job... good luck to you.

Husband Puts Me Down
i would say you both need some sort of counseling.... good luck to you

What Is Your Favorite Book
gee i like a lot of books i am not sure i have a favortie. i just enjoy reading...

Is Dancing OK For Teenagers
i see nothing wrong with teen agers dancing also long as it isnt suggestive let them dance

She Doesn't Like Me
try and keep peace as best you can for your sons sake....
pray for them they most feel real resentment for some reason you do not know, maybe your son took there only daughter away from them...

Dress Code For Christian Women
dress accordingly I think you can wear shorts but not short, short , a nice pant suit

Is Dancing Ok For Teenagers
why not as long as it is not offensive the teenager has enough problems growing up with everything else i think dancing is great for them a great way to mean people

How Should We Pray
yes you can pray anywhere anytime is my opinion

Can You Just Decide To Be Happy
of course put a smile on your face in the morning and you will be happy all day smile at every one and watch the results they will smile back at you and you will feel much much better.

Prayer In Public Schools
yes i think we should have prayer in the schools lets not take that out of the schools , children can pray there own way no matter what religon they are.

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
gee in this day of age i would say they see each other in school etc..... i would say if they go to a dance or school function at the age of 13 -16 that is fine..... but not by themselves... to date i would say 16

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