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Would You Take Wife Back
Are you currently seeking counselling and if so HAVE you totally forgiven her and is she willing to walk with the Lord? blessings and shalom Pam

Tithe And File Bankruptcy
Yes God looks at what you do have not what you do not . Many filings are because of medical bills , in fact thats the number one reason why people file . Crown Financial is excellent also, in teaching people about their finances .My company has a focus on financial wellness also

How Did You Meet God
I was saved at age 11 by a Divine appointment when my sister and I met 2 daughters of a Baptist minister , who was also in the USN. I will never forget the kindness and love he had for families .P

Donald Trump And Christians
Anything we receive in union with God is of God and is good: wealth, prosperity, relationships... Anything we receive outside of union with God is ungodly and bad for us, even if it seems good. Its not what you get, its how you get it. Are you in union with God through Jesus when getting wealth, prosperity and relationships? Did you employ God's ways, thoughts, purposes, and means to get it? That's the bottom line. Money itself is not evil. Money is simply a tool, like a hammer or a screwdriver. It can be used to build or destroy.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
I was not raised church of christ but when I married my husband, his family told him that he would burn in hell for marrying me. I've attended some church of christ in the past and found the church of christ "family" to be the most condeming and damming people I have ever met. I no longer attend church and have since stop seeking the so called christian faith. I met my husband about 4 years after his divorce and he said his own "christian family" shun him and outcast him after his divorce. He was at the lowest point in his life and all they did was crap on him.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
The Word of God states if you lack wisdom, he should ask GOD!
If you have a question,spend time with God, pray and he will reveal the true answers. I hear so many different answers, but there is only one who can give you the true answer. That is why there is division today on BELIEFS. Satan loves division between God's children. TRULY SEEK HIM AND HE WILL REVEAL HIMSELF AND GIVE YOU WISDOM WHEN YOU ASK. God Bless!

James 1:

5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

Ear Piercing Bible Scriptures
I think and believe that Jesus did come to
up hold the LAW, but if you are a christian
you should still follow the Ten Commandments
because it does say "no liar, drunkard,anyone
that commits adultery will not enter the Kingdom of heaven, so I would think that you
would want to follow the commandments it is the Law of Christ that was set before us.

Jehovah Or JHWH For God
How many times did the name "JEHOVAH' OR "IEHOUAH" appear in the original Hebrew Bible?

When Should A Women Be Submissive
Being submissive to husband does not mean you men can take advantage of us no way. God's way is we both agree as one, the women to know their role as a wife and the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church, and also not to make kids angry..being submissive not to assume a husbands role..

Christmas Not In The Bible
Protestants church did the same in the USA around 1850, then forced it into other churches all around the world..without checking scripture, most christiandom just followed like sheep following sheep.

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
nonymous: Give me a break and dont misquote me..celebrating Tammus's birthday and using Christ for such nonsense is insulting to our Lord .. you, like other christians have crusted hard on false teachings. The Lord is watching all that we do is in His name, not Tammus's name..just give us Truth followers a break and study scripture and understand it well.. dont be like sheep

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
Christmas trees (evergreens)are not pagan, but the reason behind it is pagan.What most christians dont know is that it was started by pagans in reference to Christ when He was decorated with the blue robe and the crown of thorns then hung on the tree..that is exactly what most do today with xmas trees. they are decorated then celebrated on Tammus's day but used Christ to deceive christians.Read history

What Day Is The Sabbath
disagree all you can Lee, but the Word of God stays the same just as God never changes. His ten commands are a manual for righteous living for all followers, including you. 10Cs a transcript of HIS Holy Character we all need to conform to to be Christlike..I see you dont want to be Christ like so why do you bother studying bible.He wrote only ten laws, not 600+ as u so deceivingly teach online.Moses wrote the 600+not God..

What Day Is The Sabbath
study: absolutely need to study well. John 1:1,2 He is the Word..meaning the whole bible... including the ten laws.New Covenant which governs the church is Christ Himself or didnt you understand scripture well Lee. Old sacrificial system was made obselete cos Christ bcame the Lamb of God who died for us..or didnt you know Lee..

What Day Is The Sabbath
people no longer observed Sabbath..yet did the Bible say that God has decided to change the Sabbath? during 2nd century, pope constantine decide to include heathens in the church bringing in their pagan practices and slowly changed the church instead. Does that mean God changed the Sabbath?Absolutely not. Man changed it.Give me a text which says so wont find any..

What Day Is The Sabbath
curse of the Law..this Law is the old Sacrificial Law written by Moses which requires animal sacrifices..when Christ came, it vanished for Christ bcame the Lamb that died for our sins. The ten laws,written by God Himself, were given as a guide for righteous living.We all have 2conform to it to be Christlike. Sacrificial Laws dont guide one into righteous living cos its gone and it was given to prepare Israel 4 the coming Christ.

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