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My Pastor Is A Dictator
Many pastors won't allow a couple who have been married before to walk down the isle. It is up tp the pastor whether he wants to do that or not do that.

Christian Without Church
I thought this site was for discussions but it has at times been a forum for arguing. Certain ones seem to know everything while others instigate discord. Nothing wrong with a good debate as long as it's kept civil.

Pray For StrongAxe
My sister had chemo and she was wiped out for several days. It is indeed serious and if wipes you out. Some are worse than others. Please someone keep us informed about strong ax.

The AntiChrist Is Announced
CLUNY, I don't have a number. I could watch tv preachers all day and count them but I choose not to. If you want to know how many, you watch them all day. I stand by what I said.

What Blows Your Mind
I have a friend who has had colom cancer 3 times and chemo 3 times. She has done well for 1 year so help me pray for her that she will stay cancer free. She is only 50.

Pray For StrongAxe
Prayers are going up for strong ax. God knows and He's in control. God also answers prayers. I will pray for you everyday.

Baptist Denonminations
Samuel, if you have 11 baptist with 10 different, the church is not in one accord. A church or house divided against itself cannot stand. Do you wonder why there are so many churches that is closed down? We use to be southern baptist u til they changed. Samuel can you tell me different kind of baptist? Off the top of my heard I can think if many. One is the primitive baptist church. They believe you have to get saved over and over and over. Wonder how many times Christ must die for them. I'm not saying they are bad people, I think most are wonderful people and I feel like they are Christians misled.

Baptist Denonminations
I belong to an independent baptist church. We are very different from southern baptist. Southern baptist use the niv and they have gone very contemporary. The independent baptist is one of the few old time churches. We believe in the kjv as the inspired Word of God, we aren't comfemporary even tho some may be. I don't personally know any that are. We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. The bible is our authority and we don't answer to a convention.

Are Space Aliens Real
someone ask me how the world maps came into existence before airplanes and satellites?. I don't have an answer for that. I do believe Issa is demons unleashed by God. It takes an evil person to behead another human. I don't think the average person can do such.

Are There Bible Based Churches
I belong to a bible based church. Everyone who goes to church believes theirs is bible based but I know mine is. The church is the body of Christ but we have to have a meeting place and most call that the church.

Anoint Sick With Oil
I am baptist and when I had thyroid cancer and was without a thyroid. After chemo treatment dr gave me synthroid and cytamel. Made me so sick I could not get out of bed for a long time. I ask my pastor to anoint me with oil and he did and 3 days later I learned of pig thyroid. It is called armour thyroid . It is so close to human hormones, I was well 1 day after I got it. I ask my primary care dr for it, he gave it to me and after 1 day I was feeling good. Anointing with oil is biblical.

Are Cancers Caused By Demons
Mary, I don't let it bother me. I had so many radiation pills it almost killed me so I know it had to kill the cancer. I will never believe cancer is of demons. We are corrupt in our bodies and when you read what we put in our bodies, it's no wonder cancer is everywhere. My mom and all her siblings died with colon cancer. Her mother died at age 91 I guess from old age. Just wore out. She was 4'9" and had 10 children and never went to a hospital except once for hemroids. Cluny, where r u? I spelled that wrong. Lol as of now I am 75 and nothing really wrong except arthritis in knees. I have lived 13 yrs longer than my mom. I am a blest person.

Why Did God Create People
Luke, the passage says the way to heaven is narrow and few there be that goes that road. Wide is the gate that leads to destruction. That can have many applications. One meaning is more is going to hell than to heaven. I could guess when one goes down a wide road, it would probably be crowded so would take longer. The narrow way is direct. Just my thinking on this part. Luke, we can get little nuggets from all scripture.

Gallbadder Stones Cure
Nana, like I said this has been ongoing for a couple of years. You bring up something and yet won't go back a couple or three months to look for yourself. What you assume is what you assume. It isn't the truth.

I HATE My Wife
We may all be surprised how many feel the same way. That is why divorce rate is soaring out of control. Christ has been taken out of everything and no one wants to hear about Christ and how He died for us.

What's Up February 2014
Luke, thank you. I appreciate you a also. They say you can't love without seeing what you love first, but I love some people on christianet that I have never met. Those who are saved are by brothers and sisters even tho we all don't see things the same.

Christian Activities In Church
churches need to be aware that Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. people were making money in church and not for the church either. I honestly don't know about AAA or other organizations but I would think nothing wrong with people helping people.

Spanked Bare Butt Until 16
cluny, I love all brothers in Christ. So you see I'm right once more. I sort of enjoy sparing with you. You make me look up and research subjects. I
know you enjoy it too. Knowing you on christianet is enough for me. Lol

Predestination With Free Will
nurse Robert, why don't you go one day without toothpaste and deodorant? yes it was off the subject like so many post are off the subject. we have mailed care packages to many of our missionaries. one of our missionaries had a fatal car crash. that was in the ivory coast. their friend died and my friend had her back broke in several places and her husband broke arm in a couple of places. the hospital there had no pain medication and they set his arm without anything. they air lifted his wife back to the states where she got medical care. I was relaying how our missionaries suffer trying to serve the Lord.

Different Bible Versions
This blog is just another one of satans attempts to attack the Word of God. I have studied this subject and I am a King James onlyist. Someone may have found a misprint in any book but please don't attack the King James bible. I know how it came to be and I also know how satan wants to destroy it.

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