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False Teachers In The Church
If one would truly read the words that Yeshua said they would see that if FACT none of the "Old" Testament was done away with,Look up: Dut27:26,Matt.23:24,Matt.15:1-9,Rev.12:17,Rev.15:3,LUKE.16:19-31!And there is many, many moore that show with out dout that NONE of Torah is done away with, that is a lie tould by thos that do not want to be obediant to any one other thin themsealfs1 If we do away with the "Law" of YHWH We do away with Messiah, John.1:1! Sin is Torahlessness(1John3:4) With out Torah we have no hope, (Rom.15:4),We are to be doers of the wordJam.1:22-25, we will be judged by Torah!James2:12.

Jesus Born On December 25th
No He was not, but the Greek god Tumoz was, thus why it was chosen, to get pegaens into church, most of the churches traditions come from pegaen practeces and thus not proper to be tought as truth, "Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? No one!" (Job,14:4).(Jer.10:2) Trees (Jer10:1-5), and yes it is about christmas tress! We are tould to destroy all things that are not of YHWH,(Dut. 12:2-4) This also saies that we are not to worship YHWH with such things.If it is not found to be of the things inwhich YHWH said is aceptable to do and are rooted in pegaenisam and not in YESHUA than they are an abomination to Him!

I Hate Christmas
christs mas was started many years ago in the Roman church. Enorder to get people to come they intergrated the pegaen winter salstec, some thing stricty forbiden by YHWH, and many know this and do not care, 'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,Who call Darkness light* and light darkness..." (Isa.5:20)
*"Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a LIGHT unto my path."(Psa.119:105). Mabe it is time for YHWH's people to take a really good look at the man maid taditions that are tought as doctern(Matt,15:1-9).

Jesus Born On December 25th
No He was not, The 25th is the bearthday of the Greek god Tamuz. Yeshua was moore likely born during Sukkot, Sep-Oct. That is whin, acording to history, the Romens did the sencas. Dec. 25 is a pegaen winter salstes taken over by the church in an attempt to get pegaens into church. Look up church history, and study the bible, people even in Israel are NOT out at night infilds sleeping it is way too could.

Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ
No, sorry, but Rev. clearly states that 666 is the nomber of a MAN's name.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Every one BECAREFUL! This is no game! All throu out the Renewed covanant you read of demons and the things thay do to people, THIS IS NO GAME!!!! They are real and every were. Do NOT Seek out sothsaiers and thous that claem to have the power to "banish demons." most are frods and experamenting WELL Lead to witchcraft there is no way around it, please becaerful! This is the veary thing that once lead me away from YHWH and into a life of witchcraft, please watchout!

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
YES!!!! Jer. 10:1-5!

Bible States No Christmas Trees
Jer. 10:1-5, It's all there.

How To Know Christianity Is Right
It's not for the most part,The origanel followeres of Messiah was part of a sect of Judaisam called "The way". We wher NEVER to vary from the traditions tought to us by Messiah's desipals! Read "Who is Israel" by: Battya Wottan. Sadly most of the traditions tought in the church come from the Romes after they had killed alot of the ariganel followers of Messiah thin whin Constanten became a beliver thay took the word of YHWH and did away with EVERY THING "Jewish".

Offended By Women Pastors
My Dear sister, Have you not read where YHWH has used women throu out the bible to fulfill His will? In reading in the book of Judges you will fiend Devorah/Deborah, BOUTH a prophetess and a Judge over Israel! Now look at Hadashah/Esther, YHWH put her into power to save His people, and agean look at Anna an other prophetess, as a mater of fact there was many women that worked with Yeshua, following him ministering to Him and being leaders in "Churches". Paul was telling thim(A verey spasific group of people a way for women, that by ther laws was not aloud to learn how thay could and that the women should not teach the men, Becouse, 1. It was agenst the law of the land 2.They had not yet been tought.

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
Yes, It is never stated in the Bible that There are only Three aspects of YHWH,In Rev., 4:5 It talks of the "Seven Spirits of GOD." We only know of the three, but we should NEVER try to condenss YHWH into some small box and say this is He! Who can know the miend of GOD? No one! YHWH is mooore than we can/well ever know.The Trinity got its start as a mixter of pegean and Holy faiths, even the Trinity chars that you see are pegean, itis not the trinity, but eturnaty, and used in Cealtic pegean worrship. Stop and Hear the worg of YHWH, "Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? No one!" Job, 14:4

Get Out Of A Christian Marriage
My Sister,
Gen,2:23-24"....They shall be one flesh."
and agean, Matt, 6:32"....except sexual immorality." YHWH sees thous that are married as one person not two, if there are problems of ANY kind we are to take thim to YHWH and have faith that He will provied an aser. I now that marridge can be hard my x cheted on me with my cusan, and yes we did get a devorice, but we wrer not saved ethre, and thus unawaer of what the Bible saies. Please pray about this, YHWH has placed you togather for a reason if your spous is not saved you are to be the light of the Messiah to him, if he is than bouth you and he need to pray hard about this, before you do something that could damedg your relationship with GOD.

Is Wearing A Cross Wrong
Messiah was crusified becous we brock Torah! Look at Gen.15:17-21 That is why He died, That is why we Go to Him for forgivness, He took our death for us, Sin is Torahlessness!
1John 3:4, Look- Law= #3551" Of Moses, including the volum."=Torah!Thous that beleave MUST put away the thinking of men, thous that hated the Jewish people and look the one that died for thim, A JEWISH MAN!!!
Time is short, and we ALL well be going through the Trebulation togather(try finding one place where it saies we all fly away befor the time, it saies that, that is why the time is shortend, becouse we are still here!

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