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Good Over Came Evil
I prayed for someone I loved that was in a bad place spiritually. Before my next visit I prayed 3 hours. When I saw her, she literally attacked me with insults for no obvious reason. Because I had been praying I knew it was an answer. I was hurt deeply but did not retaliate, just waited. For the first time, she heard her own words and had an almost immediate change of heart and started doing soul searching of why she had said things she didn't mean and what made her do such things. She wanted to pray together and we did. I suffered with her for 2 years before that night and all the while blessing her with my prayers. If I had treated her the way she treated me I'm certain God would not have overcome her issues that night.

Good Over Came Evil
Mark E, I sense an implication here that overcoming evil with good is a retaliation. If that is the case then I don't think its really good but a thin sham. I really do think there is a way to go beyond suffering and bless. And it really is beyond and not behind. Just depends on the spirit driving it. Suffering/tolerating is good. Blessing is better.

Word Of Faith False Gospels

I know you mean well and I am nobody,just a servant like you. You are correct there is 1 church but you also carry false assumptions about how that church manifests into the world. The rock the church is built on is Jesus. The name Jesus means God Saves. Peter was called Rock because it was revealed to him who Jesus was and he listened to that voice ("blessed are you Peter for you could not have known this except through my father"). All good things come from God. That is another way to describe the rock on which the church is built. I am in no position to judge the catholic organization but Peter is and he will.

Prayer And Praise Blog
Mary, things usually do get worse before they get better. The response you are seeing is a good sign. Your relationship to your husband gives you a special authority to battle with satan on spouses behalf so keep up the prayers. In so doing, consider that your husbands drinking problem is rooted in some other place where permission has been given to the enemy to attack. Focus on rooting out that permission and removing it and you may see more things than the drinking symptom evaporate (or rather be replaced by the real things that were meant to be there instead of the symptoms).

I'm praying right now that Jesus counsels you both through this process and brings you to a fullness in this regard.


Word Of Faith False Gospels
Why do we expect any person or any group to have all the truth? Isn't this contrary to the scriptures where it is written "we know in part are prophesy in part"? As for the followers of that woman who calls her self universal, she if right in attaching her life to the universe just as the scriptures say "Heaven and earth will pass away" and so will also be the passing of that woman with her words and her children too. Don't go down with her. There is only one source of safety and that is with the author of life, the same Jesus whose name means "God Saves".


Rapture Theory Biblical
I'd like to put my voice behind what Parisee and StevenQ and few other have already spoken about the relevancy of this topic to our daily lives. This is just one of many topics that you will find it very hard to get fruit from in your daily lives especially if you are one that is convinced that you will take part in this. If it gives you strength to stand and keep fighting, good. Just be careful that you don't find yourself jumping on topics like this to fuel your human propensity for discord and arrogance, pride and the like. Whatever part we have in Jesus, know that it is of his choosing, rest in that and keep up the good work, letting go of your worldly cares and fears and continuing to stand.

Is God's Word Sufficient
MarkV, I believe there is more life in those words than you yet see. Yes that was written for the Jews but also for our strengthening because human nature has not changed. The spirit that led the Jews to crucify Jesus while wrongly thinking they were doing God a favor now entices us to put our faith anywhere and everywhere rather than where the scriptures themselves say to put it which is in Jesus. We think by uplifting the scriptures we uplift God but we go too far and lift them above God. That same wicked spirit that fooled the first man and then the men of the 1st covenant is now intent on tricking us into lifting up the sign post but never entering the city. The sign post is true and trustworthy but it is not the city.

The Father's Knowledge
MarkV "...Christ was the Son always. He did not become the Son when He was born...."

You make a compelling argument. Please don't let the natural momentum in this argument blind you from something else wrapped up in this awesome mystery. When Jesus was baptized the HS referenced Psalm 2. "You are my son, today I have become your father". That day was the day he submitted and the spirit came down on him like a dove. That day is today for us. When we submit to God, he fathers us. Don't take this as an attack on your theology. God is inviting us into a living relationship in which he fathers us and that, IMO is not about the 'parts' of God or how they relate to each other but how God intends to relate to us.

Is God's Word Sufficient
Quentin, my copy of KJV answers 2) this way (quoting Jesus). John 5:39-40 "Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life."

If KJV quotes Jesus in saying scriptures are not sufficient, why are you now saying they are?


Have You Seen God Heal
Bob, my close friend had similar questions. He was a church leader at the time and somehow the church culture he was in had come to be convinced that God doesn't do that stuff anymore (you know, the bible and your faith is enough sort of thing). Despite that, he went on a trip to Pakistan, saw someone healed. He sorely repented of his unbelief. Later he prayed for a blind man to see. This is when it got weird. The blind man 'saw' that my friend had a rage in him and he prayed it be healed. My friend says he knew it was there and had repressed it most of his life, at that moment he felt it leave him. It gets even better. When my friend gets home he discovers he was healed of severe food allergies that he did not ask to be healed from.

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
more_excellent_way, my central point was that it is good to compare translation because translation is a hard problem. I'd like at some point to discuss a few of the historically disputable points you made including the lineage of modern translations but lets hold off on that. Let me first say I grew up reading the KJV. Later, for years I compared it to NIV and NASB. The biggest problem I saw was 1600's english put an additional layer of complexity on the problem of just understanding what was written. I often had to explain simple things to my still KJV family and friends who couldn't parse the 'ye olde english.

As for modern versions being watered down to sell, I do not know. Would you mind sharing with us some examples?

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Today
more_excellent_way sorry I didn't respond to your post on 3/24. RSV is in fact a modern translation. By modern I just mean that the translators had available, the oldest source texts that are now known.

An important reason to always compare is because translation is a tough problem. If you translate thought-for-thought then you run the danger of imparting your own ideas into the translation. OTOH, when you translate literally (RSV, NASB etc) then when the meaning of the word changes one might assume the current meaning is still applicable.

Translating greek 'asebeia' is a good example. The greek means 'lack of reverence towards God, impiety, ungodliness'. Irreligion was a good literal translation, now its problematic.

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