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Fiery Stones In Eden
I had a dreameeting which had a dark stone and my name and writing under name was in flames on the stone only the words were fire not stone

Too Much Bickering
wow,somehow i dont think this is what Jesus had in mind.this thing has gotten WAY OFF topic from my original question,i believe i have my answer.

Too Much Bickering
john9346 ... the one Gospel and the one definition of love are one in the starts in Genesis and ends in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Too Much Bickering
Good stuff josef ...u da man

Mark, spot on..thank you

john9346, there's only one Gospel and only one definition of love.

Haz, I dont assume..I stumbled across this site, did some reading for awhile and then asked a couple of questions....casted a line in the water, if you will.

by the way, if you click on my name another blogger with the name brian comes up...thats not even me...go figure....wonder how they do that.

Too Much Bickering
I thought we,the church, were supposed to be a picture of the Gospel.And as for love, I'm not seeing alot of that on this site.

The Power Of The Law
we do not keep the law because we have to...we keep it because we want to , if we have been reborn.

Praying For A Soul Mate
BRITTNEY! I found you though faith!

You Have A Mate: He may have Already Answered your prayer. Look for the following -

My mate and I have matching names. Five letters in each first name, 3 are identical. three and five are holy numbers

He joined us in Christian Chat right after I prayed. I Love Her! We were both born in '77

Sin seperated us, but now she has a matching last name, Conner and Connors. Please pray for us too! -God's Faithfull Brian And Shira Conners

Love, Your Brother in Christ -Brian Connors

P.S. your mate may be John, I believed in Sabbath Strongly!

Holy Spirit Goose Bumps Gone
Well, we feel em Cluny, They are real:

When you feel it, big things happen! Prayers get Answered, and stuff starts happening supernaturally too. I note the Archangel Michael's characteristics of light and power. Definately Holy Spirit something. Some say Jesus presence.

Holy Spirit Goose Bumps Gone
I have felt these too. Once, I was standing on a crosing island wearing a "No excuse for abuse." T-shirt, and the feeling came on so strongly, that I felt totally overwhelmed! Then, a police person mistreated my shoulder with the palm of his hand, the feeling Instantly Vanished! It was so sudden! It never dissapeared before!

Now I do not feel it anymore either, but I did just now as I was looking up Jesus sites like this one! This is only the second site that I found.

We will get those Manifestations back. Have faith like me,

Your Brother, Brian J. Conners

Explain Matthew 10: 34-35
I think, as I read a poster comment, Christ came to challenge the old ways of doing things. He wanted to break with Jewish tradition and usher in a new way that, among other things, was an inclusive faith.

In another way, it can be interpreted as breaking from your own family bs and following what is true.

Cross reference with the following:
mathew 12 48,50
Luke 14:26, 27

P.S. What is up with people always seeing scripture as a metaphor or analogy for some deeper, spiritual meaning ?


Can Christians Drink A Beer
Theres nothing wrong with enjoying a drink now and then.Proverbs 31:6 "Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.".God made life to be enjoyable (within reason don't get crazy) so praise The lord and celebrate him and the gifts hes given you.

Does God Need A Name
God's Name is Jesus

Connection Magazine shows it in the Bible

How To Get Out Of Debt Fast
we have to clean out our credit cards pay only in cash

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
absolutely not----thats what its there 4

What If Spouse Withholds
I have been married for 20 years, I have forgiven my wife twice for affairs(10yrs ago)She always has a reason to withhold. I go weeks and months with out. I always make her feel great about herself, she just ignores me. How do I deal with this?

What Is Predestination
Endure the darkness only to see the stars. Look in the heart God gave you. You have choices, and this is your choice, humans created corruption, and judgment. It is up to you, what you do with that light. Pray to the father in heaven. He will accept your prayer with compassion and kindness. God would not cast you away from his presence, even when your strength is gone.

I Am A Prophet
A prophet is something you do not give to yourself. It is something someone gives to you, the people of this earth. Perhaps God blew the gift into you. Remember what Matthew stated below in his blog, Deut 18:20 Read then only what is written by god and not by man.

Catholic To Marry A Muslim
God created you both. I will pray for you both. May the people of this earth see your love through Gods eyes. From every second of your birth to the final hour of death god has watched you. Your task is uniquely different as each of ours. May God grant all you people with the power of compassion

Should Be Single Or Marry
It is not necessary to know. Just know the Lord loves you and when he reveals this to you, you will know. God will give you a friend and when that friend is forever you know it was a gift from God. For what God has planned for you, you will keep forever. Pray and God will listen. Peace be with you.

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