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Married But In Love With Other
Your husband loves you. Work on controlling your thoughts.

Church Requires 15% Tithe
Are there any other denominations that require 15%. It would seem to mean 10% is biblical. I know the Church of God has paid a $400,000.00 bonus to Jentzen Franklin to come back to the denomination and pastor a church of theirs in CA.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
1) Your trying to figure things out by your own understanding, catherine. There is no deducing. Your thinking in old Testiment terms. Jesus changed all that. He did away with the law, beause He knew we could never keep the law. Purgatory does not exist. This goes against why Jesus came. If you think that you can pay for one little sin, you are boasting in yourself for salvation. That's what the Bible says (Eph. 2:9). Jesus paid in full, the price for all sin. This is what it is all about.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
2) So, in the light of God's Word, Purgatory could never exist. You will find out sooner or later anyway. I was catholic myself. Good works should always be the mark of a Christian, but you can never work off sin. That's a free Gift from God (Romans 5:18). Your church is not telling you the truth. God bless you.

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
You would never know from reading Dr. Mecola's articles what, if any faith he is. He only uses common sense and his medical knowledge and indepth studies to supply useful information.

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
2.-toward health, not toward disease. Unfortunately, contemporary society throws many barriers in that direction with its pervasive fraud, deception and toxic influences.
However, with wisdom, guidance and understanding your body will spontaneously move toward health and wellness -- not disease." Dr.Joseph Mercola

Is Psychotherapy A Todays Cult
"Most who practice natural medicine, however, strongly believe that there is a vitalizing force that activates your body. Some refer to this as your soul, psyche, spirit, or life force. It is thought to animate thought and physical existence, and it is not the same as your body.
There is a pervasive divine intelligence that guides every cell in your body toward health and healing, as long as you cooperate. Your body was designed to move toward health,

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