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Married But In Love With Other
Get over this love affair,it will destroy you ,your husband and three children.

Dr George

Drunkenness And Alcoholism
Alcohol turns into illness, and in long term use causes liver damage among other illness. Yes Christians can become alcoholics..just like they can become junkfood abusers. Christ saved us from damnation from our sins of the past but alcoholism in advanced stages is normally liked to sinfull living.
David committed adultry and murder but scripture says he was "A man after God's own heart" go figure what sin causes you to be lost. Alll sin is against God, but He is a forgiving God.
Some claim Christ as Lord but may have not reallyy found the right Key
Dr George

Can't Locate A Sabbath Church
How do you know that you are worshiping on the Sabbath?? Mankind has not always kept track of each what math would you use to determine you are worshiping on the original Sabbath??
Dr George

Husband Has A Girl Friend
I understan what you are saying, devorce is not and option. But Marriage counsling is very important to your good mental health. Ask him to go with you if yu have not already. If he refuses then there is evidence that he is having and affair
Seek help before it destroys you physically and mentaly
Dr George

Dating A Married Guy
To date a married man is nothing more than ADULTRY with a promise he will marry you..Chances are he won't and in my many years of counseling, I have been told they the other partner would rather that their mate died than commit adultry with some other, I assume you are single There are many other ways to meet single Christian men
Dr. George

Praying For A Soul Mate
When you pray for a mate that is only the first and of course the best way to approach your problem. However I suggest that you join Christin Singles groups at Church. Keep praying and begin listening to your your HEAVENLY FATHER to respond..PRAY AND LISTEN
Dr. George

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