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Who is James Robison?
New here. I've seen bits and pieces of James Robison's 'Life Today' programs, but the one this morning with Joel Osteen kind of saddened me. It's a good thing to want to 'encourage' the body (and others as well) but where does the preaching of the 'true Gospel' come into play? It seems 'NO' pastor is willing to ask Joel 'point blank' why he will not preach on "sin and repentance", and that includes Robinson. He also sad we don't have to beat people down to present the Word, and that Joel was doing a 'good thing' by encouraging and lifting up people. But, can we be sure God is pleased by this, when it seems as if the Gospel is being 'watered down'?

Should We Help Foreigners
This is hard it isnt just cut and dry. We used to be independent but now we are not so in a way we have "to help" to certain degrees. But I dont think we should be the worlds "police", "hero" and "bank". We should never do it to the point where we neglect our own people that is foolish.

Garden Of Gethesame Time
I buried my son that was a garden moment. People try & comfort U but all U hear is "static" U know they mean well but you are so over whelmed by the events U feel U never will re-cover. I had done all the "faith formula" things & still God called him. Jesus and I are friends I took this personal, how could my friend leave me so alone? I learned so much about God his love, timing, mercy & that I had never really been alone-I think we do indeed learn the most from these times.

He Is Black And I Am Mexican
Its a little late now to take your father in account he is going to be a grandfather bottom line. Does this man want to marry U? Color is not a factor right now a new life coming in the world that is most important.The rest is already done. My own belief -no color does not matter but U must focus on what is best now for the baby.

Autistic or Asperger Christians
My 13 year old nephew has it and I'm trying to find a group here in New York City for him to join, in order to meet and make some friends and go to events with.

Date Of Your Death
Part - yes because you could have all in order. Tell all you love them, bills paid so U dont leave behind debt for your loved ones. Make ammends, do things you have always wanted and confess all sins and die singing and praising God. The other half no the clock would seem so loud and so real and would you act like yourself or a nervous ninny!

Today's Best Church Leadership
I may take flack from this but thats fine I think it is Billy Graham he is a man and has not always done or said the right thing but you never heard a scandal with him and he is respected by kings,presidents, nations and regular people and his son Franklin is turning into great missionary.

Country Win To The Lord
India. I have always since about 4 been fascinated with her people, music, food, singing, dance, warm smiles, ancient land with tigers, cobra's, mongoose.I would love to go in a minute if I had the money and training but I dont so I pray for India God just gave me a great love for it. People tell me oh you would hate it, it smells, the caste system, people dead on the street I know but still I love her.

Should Women Hunt Men
I asked my male co-workers Sat.I was shocked they all said they "enjoy" the hunt/chase but at the same time they dont want to be completely ignored if U do like them they wanted a little encouragement. So the Bible is still tried and true a man that finds a wife finds a good thing. As a single woman I like being pursued it makes me feel feminine but if I do like a man I will give him hints too so he doesnt think wow this is a waste of my time. If he comes out & asks I tell him truthfully.

Have You Seen A Demon
I have seen Jesus in dreams and I have known many old time Christians who said while praying Jesus walked in the room, rare mind U but they never forgot and even though they were old their eyes lit up like a child. I have heard of missionaries casting out a demon and "seeing" a mist like thing come out and the person set free and did not remember the thing at all.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Dale yes I am talking to you ready- no then get ready! I have had 1 foot in patent law and 1 in Vet. meds. for years I was going to bow out nicely sick of the fighting but now you I feel great renewed like back in court call me prime time!

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Dale Y are you antiwoman? Why do U think ill of me & my fellow sisters? U say as follows-

"women WILL continue to LIVE w/men,marry, divorce,have children,marry, TOSS THEM AROUND like toss salads."-Woooo

U sound bitter? Plus they are not doing it on their own, they are having willing accomplices. Than you cont. your lament-

"When IT all hits the fan, write in for a shoulder to cry in on.the cycle is sin."

2 to tango Dale not just the womans fault.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Elder is this fair the attack on my life, career, family, finances? U were kind & in return kindness was given back? U cant think it is fair the personal attacks when all I tried to do was encourage NMH? As a man of God U must speak up for what is right. To be silent means agreement. U asked me to listen I did. I now ask the same of you. To see the personal attacks that have nothing to do w/the question asked. U are a gent I would have stuck up for U Elder in your heart U know this, wrong is just wrong.

Why Is There Sickness
Some is sin like smoking, some are the flesh if I jog and fall.It is appointed unto man once to die so there is death. Some are due to old age like Isaac his eyes grew dim he had to feel Esau/Jacob. Jacob/Israel wrestled w/the angel of the Angel of the Lord blessed him but dis jointed his leg/hip & it says he walked w/a limp. The blind man w/the diciples they said Jesus who sinned this man or his parents? Jesus said neither it was for such a time as this.

Do Doctors Or Jesus Heal
Man is made in the image of God he gives us talent to think, paint, do things, study etc. So God does use Doctors and their knowledge since knowledge comes from God but it is still God letting the meds work, keeping the surgeons hands steady. He also uses good old prayer without anyone around even sometimes and the Bible also. It says any sick among you have the elders anoint them with oil and pray the prayer of faith so obedience is another key. God is wonderful and uses many avenues to touch his people.

Friends Want Me To Be Bad
Every single person that is alive has faced something similar and probably will again and again. The truth is if they are really your friends they will respect you and look at for you not how you can "fit" into their group or what U can do for them. U may need to start distances yourself from them and finding friends that love and accept you unconditional you shouldnt have to prove your friendship ever that is not a true friend that is control and a user.

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Dale again my career what does that have to do w/me relating to NMH, I have answered that all over the place it shouldnt matter if I was a plumber, doc, teacher? I dont follow your train of thought- Lawyers cant feel? I once again looked for Jacks blog that U insist I did not answer I cant find it. I dont understand your point "emotional blather" "Pontification" "nonsencical tangly web words" Is that Dr. Seuss? Are your trying to be funny or show your temper?

Who Is Kim Clement
Hey Rachel just want to say bye it was fun we disagreed, fought, laughed got a long etc. I am just sick and tired of standing up for the underdog even if I dont agree and getting really blasted I mean hateful things. It was even brought up that because I am a lawyer all the bad stuff God brought me out of sort of doesnt count and my money struggle was not real. We all know of even those w/millions went broke. I am just tired of the mean spiritness of so many. U were fun, wanted to say bye, sis Shalom!

Bound To Walked Out Husband
NMH, Crystal I am saying bye you both were fun keep your chin up. I am just tired of fighting every step of the way with so called Christians, my life is too busy like most of ours. I can get kicked out in the world dont need it here w/so called family. I dont know why me being a lawyer would cause such a stir and negate my compassion, my struggle, financial problems, vilolent marriage, divorce etc. Ladies and Levi Merry Christmas/Happy New Year.

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