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Lonely Since Husband Died
it has been 13 does one take the emptiness away??

My Husband Does Drugs
God bless you, sister in Christ. I just left my husband of 5 years. We have a four year old son. He is not saved and due to his perscription drug abuse, I was recently physically abused. I struggle with what to do with my marriage and feel that he will never get help. I am having to bare the legal reprocussions of his attack and having to explain to our son why his father can not come over to our new appartment. Please pray for my husband (LeeRoy) that he may finally accept Christ or pray for me should he file for divorce because I left.



Ghosts Of The Dead
Steven, when a person dies physically, what happens to the soul? Does the soul die? How does something that is not a material thing die? Or why does it need sleep? in your answer you covered the flesh dying, but not the soul.

Is The Bible Literal
Edit. Anton le Vay wrote the Satanic Bible. Aleister Crowley merely said 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole Law'. Try googling Barbara Bush with Aleister Crowley.
---frances008 on 4/28/08
Is Barbara Bush a devil worshiper?

Stories Of Perseverance
Never compromised the word of God. When others would make it fit their situation, I remained steadfast, immovable in Christ.

When everything came against me, I stood on the Word of God and I pleaded the Blood of Jesus. I pray and the battle is His. HE works things out for our good, not you, not me, not us, only God "causes ALL things to work together for good to them that love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
My husband is a pastor and while I often counsel women from the church, there are situations in which he will counsel another woman. His rule is that I will be in the room or his study door will stay open.

Third World Poverty
We absolutely should feed the the hungry FIRST before we collect money for building churches. Why has the church gotten so far away from the word? Where does Jesus or Paul or Peter say, "Ye are to collect money for the building fund." It doesn't say to do that...What God orders, He pays for!!! Let's feed the starving children all over the world FIRST.

I've Been Dating A Married Man
I say tell the wife because she DOES deserve to know. Just the not knowing KILLS her inside. SOMEONE needs to tell her the truth! I SAY TELL HER!

Every Idle Word Judgement
Perfectly! "All His ways are Righteous, Just and True."

Can I Have Many Wifes
it wrong and if you look in the new testment jeuse speak aginst it

I Am Running Out Of Hope
Hello,I was in an abusive marriage for 24 years.I have been on my own for eight months now.Last Monday I was saved.I pray for the Lord to hold my hand and guide me.Think about these steps:Identify the enemy.(Be honest, is it you.We cannot keep blaming everything on the abuse we need to take control of our life).Take the problem to the Lord.Admit your own inadequancies.Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord.Relax in faith.Thank him in advance for victory.Do what he says.God bless you.Donna

What Is Eternal Security
Morgan, are you saved? If you say you are, how do you know you are? What makes you think you are saved? I ask only because every christian has a hope. Where does your hope lie? Is it in you? or Christ?

Once Saved Always Saved
I have been thinking of all the verses Matthew has written down, and also have a question for him. All the verses are in the bible, that is very clear. What he is saying really is that he does not sin, or else he would not put them down, what is your purpose Matthew?

Cast Out A Demon
I was present when they casted demons out of me and many others who attended the deliverance meeting back many years ago. I had a spirit of rejection and I began to scream and hiss as they were commanding it to come out. Others were kicking, yelling, squirming on the floor like a snake. Demons are not only evil, they are strong and I saw a man being thrown up against a wall when they were calling a demon out of him. Can I ask why you're asking this question?

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