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Explain The 7 Year Tribulation

Rapture theory is bogus. Don't believe it. Tribulation refers to either the 1260 years between 538 AD and 1798 AD or last great time of trouble leading up to and including time of Jacob's trouble right before Christ returns.

7 year period theory is a perverse twist of the 70th week from Daniel 9.

1000 years is the 1000 years right after the second coming. During this time, all the saints have been resurrected or translated and are with Jesus in heaven reviewing the judgment, while all the wicked are dead and awaiting the second resurrection. Satan is on earth with no one to tempt and is therefore bound.

Are Easter Celebrations Biblical
Midst of the week means middle of the 70th week, not Wednesday! The decree to rebuild Jerusalem (not the temple), came to pass in autumn 457 BC (Ezra 7). The 70th week is therefore 27 AD - 34 AD. Middle is 31 AD Spring when Christ was crucified.

Christ died on 14th Nissan (He had to in order to be the antitypical fulfillment according to 1 Cor 5:7), in the year 31 AD which is a FRIDAY (the 6th day of the week!)

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