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Should Be Single Or Marry
That still small voice in the back of your head is accompanied by confirmation. That is usually God speaking. I know that we should not hurry Him--especially women--by looking. The Bible says "when a man finds a wife.." not the other way around.

Jesus Teen Years
If it were needed for us to know it would have been put in the Bible.

No Money To Tithe
I have been in the position of barely able to tithe, still did & found that the blessings of tithing have helped make all available when I thought not. People think of tithing with the pocket book as all God wants but he wants your time too. What ever is not avaiable from your purse is available in the gifts you've received which should be used to glorify His name. Ex: A gift for kids then I give time to ministering to them in Sunday children's church.

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