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Young Woman Wants Older Man
A man always looks taller when he's standing on his wallet.

Can I Marry An Old Man
Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
I can't afford a marriage with a stylish carriage,
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.....

Pray For Chad To Marry Me
I understand shanna is long gone, but I'm not praying for anyone to marry a particular person. That's may be praying against someone else's will, which is witchcraft.
If they don't want to marry you, leave them alone. I also understand, many are here to find a mate only.

Can I Marry An Old Man
A man always looks taller when he's standing on his wallet.

Can I Date Christian Women
Dan, you're the man. 70 years young and cruising for chicks. A nice Mrs. Backfire (Doubtfire) type or are you looking for a young nanny.
Regardless, there Dan, be upfront with the ladies. Tell them you're looking for a friend and not a wife; so they don't get their hopes up for marriage. Spaghetti dinners and a matinee. P.S. You don't twirl your hair into a pile of spaghetti do you. The chicks don't care if you're bald. Just be yourself.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
I don't agree, ashley. Men may never mature at all. I've seen 12 year olds in 50, 60, 70, 80 year old bodies. I've watched 80 year old men play with miniature airplanes, boats, you name it. I've watched 50 year olds buy a new red "chick magnet", so that their spaghetti twirled hairdo (covering the SPOT) can blow in the breeze.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
Old goats will always tell young chickadees it's better marry a geezer.
Talk to those same chickadees (with the exception of our friend Robyn) about 10 years down the road. Some are packing their suitcases as fast as they can pack. Some are feeding the old goat - large steaks, taters, gravy - hoping he kicks the bucket,so they can take the money and run.
Old goats, beware.
I just saw a roadrunner.....Beep beep.......

Can I Marry An Old Man
My heart leaps, too, when I hear about young chickadees marrying for money.

Can I Marry An Old Man
Robyn, a sense of humor helps, and you have one. I'm not always a BillyGoat.
But it is not for everyone. Men run away from wives for younger ones. Younger wives run away from older men. I'm glad your husband is a lamby and not an old goat.
Old goats love jumping up and down on cars, they enjoy cruising the car lots and looking the vehicles over, checking out the price tags.

Can I Marry An Old Man
Old goats will always tell young women, yes, yes, marry an old goat, it's great.
No it is not. We have divorce rates over the 50% mark and huge age gaps do not help.
I think more than 10 years is too much. Can't you see the pretty young thing with the California raisin - it DEPENDS on your point of view. DEPENDS and young chickadees do not make a good match.

Drunk Mother Hits On My Husband
Absolutely catherine.
We have all of these blogs where the husbands have dumped the wives, no longer give them the time of day; and here we have the neighbor lady lifting her leg. I say, show the woman to the nearest fire hydrant, and buh bye. Or the next thing we'll here, my husband ran off, what should I do.

Can I Marry An Old Man
BillyGoats turn into old goats. It will happen 30 years sooner for you if you take this path.
20 + 50 = alright;
30 + 60 = senior coffees at Mickey Dees.
40 + 70 = geezerville;
50 + 80 = senior center lunches; canes/walkers/choppers sitting around in cups. (There's only one Paul Newman)
60 + 90 = old goaty fragrance/hair from head moves to ears/nose.
But if you're 20 + 50, go ahead, I guess.

Am I Too Old To Marry Her
Listen to Robyn, she knows.
Now go find yourself a tin can and eat the labels off.
(Goats really do not eat tin cans, they only eat the paper labels off).

Drunk Mother Hits On My Husband
If she keeps lifting her leg, she might be needing to find a fire hydrant. A chokechain and a timeout in the doghouse will solve that. If she can't behave herself, she must stay in the doghouse.
No BBQ's for MumofTwo, until she sobers up.

Am I Too Old To Marry Her
Twenty years is a large gap.

Older Man Man Loves Younger Girl
The good thing about marrying an old goat is that they will eat just about anything; even a tin can.
The bad thing is that the older the goat, have you noticed that old goaty smell?

Older Man Man Loves Younger Girl
Goats are browsers, they eat up, not down

Goats need protection from dogs

Don't put your hand in their mouth: their teeth are like razorblades

Goats love being brushed

Goats hate people touching their ears

All goats have beards and 'tassels' under the chin

Every herd has pack leader. They're often the oldest and get to eat first.

Goats are smelly. This is because they have a musk gland behind the polls on the back of their head.

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