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There Is A Demon In My House
I had terrible problems with demons in the house before and was instructed by a pastor to pray the Father in the Name of Jesus to send His warriors to do battle on my behalf, and to tell them to leave in the Name of Jesus. After this, I had to read the Bible out loud, and to pray and plead the Blood of Jesus. They can't take hearing the Word read and will be forced to get out. Don't listen to anyone telling you to talk to a demon. A true Christian would not counsel you to follow a demon. The best thing you can do is see if there is any area of sin in your life. Do not attempt to fight them yourself. You have the authority to pray over your house.Rebuke the demon, pray over your house, read the Bible, and go back to bed.

Will Crazy People Be In Heaven
As a crazy person myself, I want to tell you that people that have this kind of disorder can be saved. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I really think the term "mental illness" is a misnomer. When I am off medication, I feel physically different every minute or two. I go from hungry, to sad, to happy, to whatever, in addition to having psychosis. At any rate, it has nothing to do with my spirit, because I believe in Jesus. In fact, if you are a Christian, you can help yourself with mental illness by living out of your spirit instead of your mind. God is slowly healing me.

Should Christians Be Poor
He came that we might have abundant life. Poor is not nessesarliy money, it's a state of being. Ever hear someone say "You poor thing". Poor doesn't only mean lacking money. So we should all have the hope of being RICH if we trust and believe in the Lord Jesus.

I Have Lost Everything
Do we have to lose everything to have a relationship with Christ? No. Must we be willing to? That's a stickier question. God has a Master Plan. Each of us has a role. Just as a parent nudges a child back on track, God sometimes nudges us. If He isn't getting our attention in the midst of our successes, He may allow unpleasantness. Rest assured, He has a greater plan than you can imagine (Romans 8:28). Your faith question of the day is, Do you trust Him to do what is best for you, even if it is unpleasant?

USA Becoming Socialistic
I have a co-worker who just moved from Norway where they have a universal health care system because the (all-be-it free) health care system in Norway was so horrible. Without capitalism, the system fails. There is no reason to excel in your position if you make exactly the same amount of money everyone else. What if you and the guy in the cubical next to you (who did nothing but made personal phone calls all day) made EXACTLY the same wages and got the same raises? That leads people to say, "why should I work hard?" "what is my incentive to go above and beyond the norm if nobody else is, and we all get the same reward?" Capitalism rewards people who are good at what they do, so those people to excel!

Can I Marry An Old Man
Mary was about 30 years younger than Joseph. They had this age difference a lot in the Bible. It is the Spiritual compatability that is important.

Reasons Against Abortion
Let God answer that question. Read - Exodus 21:22-23. God says even if an unborn child is injured or lost by an accident, the person responsible is given the death sentence - THAT is how protective God is over the unborn !

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
NO Hagar was NOT Abraham's wife at all - she was Sarah's servant. Sarah was Abraham's wife.

Arguments Against Evolution
It is true something about the hmm man yard.

We Must Share ChristiaNet Computer
I have heard of that, please explain more.

Comments On Galation 5:3
Any one to configure a composite Mathew being the second script to the version of forgiveness thank you Jesus you are the will the way the light.

Joel Osteen Opinions
I have in past years listen to Joel Osteen, but in reading I Corthinians 3:1 & 2, I am no longer a babe in Christ, who is fed with milk. I needed some meat in my teaching and I have moved on.

Joel Osteen Opinions
I am also beginning to have problems with some of these Television pastors, with all this show and tell and begging for more and more money and then using part of my precious gift by sending me a Thank you gift. We can worship Christ without all these frills. Carrie

Excommunicate Non-Believer
If you love each other and have a plan to deal with your differences in faith (particularly for raising children), then an overly fundamentalist church shouldn't stop you from following your heart. There are other churches that will be happy to have you both join them to praise God together. They tell you that if you do this, you can't attend Bible study? This may be the impetus you need to break away from a group of people who do not have the love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus in their hearts.

My Mother Is In a Cult
I am very familiar with this cult.My husband & I were members for many years. We have a son who must treat us as literally dead.We had a support group for these people.MUST use their literature, books, etc. to show your mother the truth about their false prophecies. There is no other way but prayer and what we do to bring people out. Their own literature exposes them.I know how difficult it is. I brought my husband out but it took a lot of prayer and diligence and patience and love.

How To Vote As A Christian
It is his job as a man of God to lead the sheep in truth. That would be making sure that the sheep, as God said He 'would not have you ignorant.' It is the pastors job to make sure that the sheep understand that each party's candidates are forced to support the side of the issue that their "party platform" stands for. The pastors' job is to inform the sheep of what those issues are, and which side each "party takes" on those issue in their written party platform.

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