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Married Man Found Dream Lady
LOL! Your dream girl? I suggest you wake up and stop this nonsense dream! Think clearly, do you really wanna out of your marriage and WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT YOU'LL BE HAPPY WITH THIS 26 YEAR OLD WOMAN?

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
I used to think this was a female problem. Every guy I have dated (even the ones i havent dated) wanted sex. I am yet to find a guy that isnt interested in sex before marriage.

Have You Committed Adultery
Sometimes, we commit this sin unconsciously, but conscious or not it is still a sin and
we have confess the moment we realize that we have sinned. our God is faithful and just He'll forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Should We Multiple Today
Oh yes, the multiplication is still on, however, we shouldn't be multiplying without thinking how we gonna provide for them. God gave us wisdom, to know when to return the manufacturing tools back to the store! HAVE AS MANY AS YOU ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR WITHOUT MUCH STRAIN. Don't expect other people to take care of your irresponsible production!

What Do Men Want
I think you are seeking for a Mr. Perfect. Remember, they've got one rib less so there's no way they're goin to be perfect, you juz have to accept people as they are. None is perfect not even you - you proved that by sayin that you are perfect!! My understanding is that you are self-centered, now i wont like to marry anyone like that if i were male. :)

I Need Someone Godly For Help
Talk to me, I do have private Qns/Answers for ya. You are in my prayers. lily9364

Divorced Woman Bishop
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.So, whatever the said bishop has done is between her and God, I am sure she must've sorted it out with God, but certainly, she is a BAD ROLE MODEL especially to women.

Boyfriend Writes Other Girls
Say, how is he supposed to know how SPECIAL you are if he don't compare you with other people?!

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