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I Want Some Christian Friends
Yes, it has been some time but I am a Christian and still here by the grace of God! So, how are you?

How To Properly Spank My Kids
You should never pull their pants down.. it makes them more embarrassed and humiliated that sorry for what they did, you should use nothing but your hand because then it makes it more of a game when you have to go get the "paddle" or whatever you would use, and you know your strength with your hand, if your hand stings your not spanking your beating...

Can I Marry An Old Man
Are you sure your not all just gold diggers?

Can Females Wear Pants
Whether in church or out of church, a women should not wear the apparall of a man. She should look like a women and a man should look like a man. God made us different.So we might glorify the church. God mad man and then he made women from the rib of man. lets learn the meaning of Godly perportion.Man,women children.Rightly dividing the word

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