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Praying For A Soul Mate
I am relieved to see this blog out there. I have been praying for a marriage partner, offering and committing for purity till marriage, and then I met someone at church under odd circumstances, and I believed with all my heart he was my soulmate. And turns out he denies ever feeling that way and the relationship did not end well. I have been daily, weekly, regularly praying for the right man, also for this man to grow in the faith, and for God's person in God's way with the right perspective. I am feeling time is getting away with me, and I feel fooled that I am committed to God's way for the relationship and here is how it ended. Other women are not as discreet and their relationships remain intact.

Could Jesus Have Sinned
I think as Jesus was fully human and fully God he was tempted and able to choose to sin. However beacuse He had a deep love for His father he chose NOT to. Otherwise it would make His example seem impossible to follow. As I can never be sin-free until I am untied with Him in eternity. But the more I know of Him, the more I love Him the less I want to 'sin' as its less attractive than He is..... Sorry for waffle Im not good and expressing things!!

Can I Marry An Old Man
mmm difficult one. However there are never any guarantees in life. My mum was widowed at 27 (my dad was only 8 years old grand old age of 35) neither were old!! Also young people get ill too. So yes the statistics are that if there is a bigger age gap chances are you will be left a young (ish) widow and possibly carer. However if you trust God it could be the best thing ever to happen...if you are in His will in it all then it will be the Best!!

My Past Mistakes
If you ask Jesus in your heart and confess with your mouth that you are a sinner and want him to save you and forgive you your sins he will. satan will bring things up but you take him to the place God saved you and tell him to get behind you and he will flee. God forgives you if you ask and he remembers your sins no more as far as the east is to the west. He cast your sins in the sea of forgetfulness to remember them no more.

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