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Pastor Tells How To Vote
Absolutely, postively NOT!!!!!

What's Up For June
Sue: Congratulations!!!!! What a wonderful blessing for your family. Enjoy your grandson, as I am enjoying my granddaughter.

Husband Argues With Me
Obey scripture. Find an older christian woman with whom you can develop a discipleship relationship and pray about your marriage with her. Learn about what the Bible says about marriage and divorce. Attend women's Bible studies to find out how other wives deal wtih this probelm.

Dealing With Depression
In addition to reading the Psalms, and praying, I exercise, go to therapy, go to my 12 step programs, and journal.

Solutions To Poverty
Ralph: The unemployment statistics do not reflect the number of people who were laid off and ran out of their benefits before finding work. As has been indicated on another blog, many of our manufacturing jobs are now outsourced.

Also, it is not a matter of working at McDonald's being demeaning. It is the fact that you cannot support yourself on the earnings.

There are also the underemployed, who work part time because they cannot find full time work.

Pastor Tells How To Vote
Absolutely, postively NOT!!!!!

Solutions To Poverty
Jared, with the unemployment rate in this country, your suggestion about getting a job is impossible for every adult in the US.

Marry After Six Divorces
Before considering marriage, she might want to seek therapy to learn what she contributed to the previous marriages' demise. There is obviously something wrong, and just because she is born again does not mean she is not going to make the same mistakes again,.

Cosmetic Surgery For Christians
trisha: I have no problem with people sharing their opinions, just leave my name out of it.

Prayer In Public Schools
Rebecca: Keep up the good work with your son. I taught a junior high sunday school class and a student shared how she was told she could not wear a Christian shirt at our high school. Her father was the school board president at the time, and I told him about it. He had no clue his daughter had been told that. He upheld her right to wear the shirt.

How To Forgive A Sinner
Scripture says that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. God did not wait for man to repent before providing Christ's death. Also, we are forgiven in spite of our lack of repentance.

Witnessing Upsets His Wife
Elder: Your point about love is so important. The Greatest Commandments are to love God and to love our neighbor. Thank you for reminding us of that.

Information On Depression
Catherine, I am saved, and I am a mental health professional. I also have saved relatives who are bipolar, and therefore it cannot be demons. A demon cannot be in a saved believer. It is brain chemistry, because if it were not, the medications would not help.

I would suggest that you talk about topics you are knowledgeable of.

Virginia Tech Christians
Lots and lots of prayer and reaching out to the families in mourning.

Mohandas Gandhi Said
I am in total agreement with Alan on this. There are way too many Christians, especially on these blogs, who do not reflect the love of Christ for one another, let alone the unsaved.

Someone Commits Suicide
Helen: Yes. I believe in OSAS.

He Committed Suicide
Rebecca: There are many people who are psychotic and have command hallucinations to kill themselves. They are powerless over these hallucinations without their medication.

I Am In So Much Pain
alan: I caught this the deceased was her ex. That is irrelevant to her grief. I am sure that when my ex dies, I will mourn similarly.

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