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Are Easter Eggs Biblical
Easter is really about Jesus's resurection but people switched it around and now all children think about on Easter is the Easter bunny and stuff. No one really cares about the truth anymore unfortunetly.

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
Maybe their parents aren't teaching them right. That is part of the world we live in today.

Click Here For Star Wars Blog
It's creepy and boring and I'm not sure if it's an appropriate Christian show.

Halloween Costumes For Christians
Halloween is pure evil

Continue To Spank My Teenager
The bible doesn't say past age ten are too old fo spankings so I don't think that's true.

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
They have to repent and ask for God's mercy on them and not do it again or be thrown in hell, the lake of fire.

Why Are You A Christian
It's the truth and the way.

Why Are You A Christian
It's the truth and the way.

I Really Hate My Husband
It's wrong to hate.

What If I Don't Agree With Pastor
Maybe you should try producing fruit in a kind way.

What Is A Soul
The part of you that isn't physical.

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Exactly right Anne! God Bless You!

Should Christians Use Curse Words
You shouldn't curse, You should use proper alternatives. Confess right away so it doesn't become a habit.

Burning Bibles Acceptable
Don't burn bibles!!!!!!!!!! Bibles are the most important books in the world!!!!! Burn garbage like Harry Potter books not the most perfect one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rise and Shine people who think it's okay to burn bibles!!!!!!!!! Even if bibles are the only thing around for you if you have to make a fire to keep warm and survive, don't do it. If you have to die for god, DIE FOR GOD. Dedicate your life to GOD, not Satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The government is also thinking about taking the "In God we Trust" off the money which is making god boiling angry. There are many things wrong with the world today.

Are Fallen Angels Demons
Demons of Satan were once angels of God until they turned away from God. Then they became demons.

Halloween Costumes For Christians
Halloween became a holiday with the devil's help. It's Satan's favorite holiday. You don't like that disgusting rotten piece of evil filth do you? How would you like it if you were Jesus and you saw people dressed as witches, devils, and other sick creatures? You're wasting your whole day honoring and Satan. Even if you're dressing up as angels or whatever, you're still not changing the whole point of it and not the smallest you do to celebrate halloween is "innocent". God is boiling mad by this holiday, and it's more than just dressing up and getting candy. think about it. Don't be fooled. quit worshipping that ungodly virus known as the devil Satan. see my holy-ween reply as well for a new idea.

Halloween Costumes For Christians
Hey! I have a new holiday idea. Holy-ween! Forget the candy and ungodly tricks. People can pass out mini bibles or inspiring scriptures on holy-ween. and evil costumes such as the devil won't be allowed. Nothing but angel, sheperd, lamb, and donkey costumes. No more scaryness in holy-ween. If you call yourself a Christian, spooky unrighteous stuff such as what happens on halloween and the point of it shouldn't come to your pleasure. and you should find this wise. I got this idea with the help of God. if you think you are righteous,you shoudn't be amused by evil fun. think about it. how can you say you love god if you're trashing him!! If you want fun, why can't it be righteous too?! With lots of help, maybe this can become a holiday.

Is Anger A Sin
Yes, It is a sin. Confess right away so it doesn't grow into a worse sin. God wants us to practice feelings of joy and happiness instead.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Peggy- Your son is not alone at all. lots of younger children his age get scared from the spanking and wind up wetting, mostly it's because whomever is giving him the spanking is taking it too far. How bad they wet DOESN'T matter. I would suggest that next time you spank him, don't take it as hard as you normally do because you are probably scaring the liquid out of that kid with the amount of effort you put into the spanking. There is NOTHING wrong with your son, Only spank when ABSOLUTELY NESSESARY and don't spank him so harshly. Remember, he's 4.

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