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Spanking Teenage Boys
I'm 67 and have 5 brothers. Each one is married (no divorces) all professionals. We have a total of 18 children between us. My Dad and Grandfathers, and occasionally uncles spanked us on a regular basis. Usually one per day among the brothers and I . It was bare naked, rough, anywhere from 40 to a hundred wacks and bare corner time. My cousins got the same.No involvement with the police or drug use. We all have a great relationship with the men in our lives. We survived and thrived in this environment (no denying we hated it) We treated our children, grandchildren and nephews and nieces the same way with the same results. Yes spanking needs to be a part of parenting until they are on their own and even if they come back home.

Is Day Trading Unbiblical
I trade stocks. I have spent a couple of year learning more and I am becoming more successful. So far, I am able to pay my bills and have more time for college work. The more I practice the better decisions I make. Being cautions is part of becoming a better trader or investor. I say trader because it may be wise to sell the stock sooner than anticipated, or there may be an opportunity for a short term investment. Sometimes holding a stock long term can be a costly mistake. Trading stocks short term or investing long can be wrong choice, but either can be profitable. If I made better long term investments, I would that, yet if I made better short term trades I personally would use that strategy. The time frame isn't important.

Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
First, we are not to judge anyone's salvation. That is the Lord's job, clearly stated in the Bible. It is not anyone's place to play God, especially on such a painful and serious matter such as suicide. Secondly, God's grace and mercy is greater than any of us could ever attain or imagine. Lastly, if you are truly saved through belief and faith in Jesus, no one can be snatched from Him by man's hands (not even your own since you are man). It states it clearly in the Bible, the infalable Word of God. Suicide is a sin, but Jesus spilled his blood and went to the cross for all our sins. He paid the price for our salvation through Him, yet we dare to debate it. What a shameful disrespect to Him.

Selling Goods Inside A Church
the people was at the temple to make a profit,not because they was trying to help anyone or loved god.Jesus was angry becouse they was at the temple selling period.Most people sell to make a profit and this includes churches.To reemburses the church for sunday school books, ect. is ok, but to sell on church property is wrong!We tell everyone we are in the last days,and what does god say hes going to do to the church in the last days? Dont take a chance, respect his house of preyer.

What Is Baptist Bride Theology
"Baptist Bride" Theology and Landmarkism is not heresy. Let us establish some facts from the Word of God. First God delivered a set of beliefs (the faith)to the saints. Jude 3. Second Jesus said that His institution the church would never cease to exist. Matthew 16:18.

The Roman Catholic Church has nothing in common with the churches we see in the New Testament. The churches we see in the New Testament were Baptist in what the believed and preached. Baptist Churches have always existed since the time of Jesus Christ to the present day. Baptists are not protestants.

How To Vote In 2008
"I will be voting for someone who will not be affraid to put his hand on the bible and pledge to the US flag. Someone who might have made mistakes but admits them".
---laura on 10/30/08

GOOD Laura! Another vote for Obama!

How To Vote In 2008
Vote for anyone NOT named McCain!

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