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Non Biblical Manger Scenes
Will it keep someone from being saved? No, of course not! But for those who want to know the truth of God's Word, there were _no_ "magi" anywhere near to the 'Christmas Scene' when shepherds and angels worshiped the newborn Jesus. Read LUKE! It's very clear.

Will God Punish Me
Yes, Gods punishment is no time limit, he know everything and our life is already decided. No matter what you did and never change his decision. Blessing or punishing are already decided before we born. Let see what happen in your future.

Are There Demonic Spirits
laura, a few weeks ago there was a spirit of coughing at our house. everyone started coughing. we thought it was just the flu but it was a spirit. it is now gone to another house.

Restrooms In Heaven
Another dumb question that serves no purpose for the glory of God.

Gaints In The Bible
Leon, it is one thing to challenge others and it is another to accuse them of private interpretations, when you add to the word of God what is not found in the word of God, for it becomes your own private interpretation.

Righteousness By Our Works
In answer to Matthew 23 v.37 & 38, the suggestion is that God wants to do something and people are stopping Him. But that is wrong meaning for the passage. Since we already know that God is utterly sovereign and therefore fully capable of bringing to pass whatever He desires Isa. 46:10. Including the salvation of whomever He chooses yet He sometimes expresses a wish for that which He does not soverignly bring to pass. These statments do reveal the essential aspects of the divine character, He is full of compassion.

Good Tree No Evil Fruit
Seg, the passages you gave were great and many more do give proof that Jesus Christ came from heaven. Mormons believe he was created also. Job, even in his day believed that the Lord already lived when he said, "I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth" Job 19:20.

Women With Purity Issues
eloy, my definition of someone, a person as a god is you. you speak very terrible things to so many, as if you are god and have no sin in you, but all we see is sin.

Women With Purity Issues
eloy, are you bipolar or do you have split personalities? you answer kindly and suddenly you turn on everyone on a dime. you must think in your mind you are a god. Do you think you are a god?

Salvation Based Upon Deeds

"Anyone can quote anyone they like, especially one out of their own cult. Even an unbeliever can quote anyone they want. So what does that PROVE???" Kathr4453:

Kathr, you have for a time spoken from a Mormon's view, I have read your answers also concerning the jesus you talk about, one who was created a son, which only gives evidence you belong to a cult yourself, which gives evidence you are not Christian. You need to believe in the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ.

Spirit Died At The Fall
Kathr4453, if you do not know what spiritual death is, and have to ask others, you have no truth in you. Why do you think you have to be brought to spiritual life? Who would think of asking such questions? Only those who are dead in sin, or as some passages say, dead in transgressions and sin. And if you are alive physically and asking the questions, how are you dead in sin? You must be a Mormon, because Orthodox Christians know what spiritual death means.

I Love A Catholic Guy
On catholic guy radio they had a triva question on how mary, and joseph lived in a city in Turkey?

Where Is The Devil
Leon, you said many things but didn't provide any verses or passages. That indicates it's all your own believes. I thought you had a revelation from God. If you go to Ephesians chapter 2 verses 4-6 you will read what God's Holy Word says about believers. "Raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus." Now, the Word of God is truth. You as a believer do not believe it. It might seem as if this earth is hell, but believers are not in hell. That is a real place, where it's located no one knows, but we know it exist, since Jesus spoke a whole lot concerning hell.

Where Is The Lake Of Fire
John, you ask if God is going to give you amnesia to not remember those you love, and a better quesion is, are you one of the saved? If you are, you will be happy in heaven, for there will be no tears. And please, do not believe there is atonement after death, nothing in the Bible to suggest that. Once we die, there is no second chances. A person has a lifetime of chances.

Where Is The Devil
Leon, there you have it, no wonder everyone was wrong answering you. While you believe a believer is in hell right now, the bible speaks of the believer, spiritually in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. A far cry from hell. I though you were going to reveal something to us from God, but all you did was reveal something to us you hold to. The verses you gave have nothing to do with what you said. Purgatory, a second hell, salvation after death, all Roman Catholic doctrines. I don't know if they believe as you that the devil is in hell, so I will leave that one out. Everything you spoke of is not in the bible. I want to thank you for giving us your secret.

Where Is The Devil
Leon, you mention that you openly believe God by what is written in His inspired Bible, from cover to cover, but you didn't tells us what He told you about hell or where satan is at. Yet you do not like anyone's answers. So what did the bible reveal to you concerning where the devil is at? or where hell is located? you believe the entire bible now tells us your secret. This way we know what you know. The verses I gave you were not good enough, maybe the Spirit did not reveal it to us, but did to you, why not share the truth? Don't keep us in suspense.

Where Is The Lake Of Fire
Leon, in the other blog of hell you did not tell us your secret answer where hell was at, so maybe here you can give us your answer where hell is at. you seem to want to know what others think, and when they answer pro or against you didn't like the answers, because you seem to have the answer and don't want to share it with us. John seems to think it is a metaphor, because he believes that every single person is going to be saved, so do you believe as he does? Is that the secret?

Where Is The Devil
Leon, I don't know where you get the idea I trying to convince you, that you are wrong. I really don't know what you believe, how can I believe you are wrong? You have not given an answer to the blog you put up. What I see is that many gave you answers and you rejected them because they did not have it the way you wanted them. So I asked you to tells us your secret, what you know, if, as you say the Holy Spirit has given the answer to you.

Where Is The Devil
Leon, you say you are looking for the truth, but the truth has been given and it went right passed you. The passages given to you say he is not in hell yet. It is prepared for him when the time comes. But you continue to argue the truth. So I ask what is your purpose since the truth is not the reason for your continue rejection of answers. That is why I asked, because maybe you have a hidden answer no one knows about. Instead of rejecting everyone's answer, why not just go ahead and give us your secret answer?

Where Is The Devil
Leon, people answered your question in their own way. Is everyone wrong and you are the only one correct? What's your intention? You know the devil is not in hell. If someone say's he is, you argue, if someone says his not, you argue. what's your purpose?

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