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Are There 11 Commandments
On the night Jesus was betrayed, at the last supper, he gave the 11th commandment saying,
"A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John13:34)

Who Should Propose For Marriage
Ruth proposed to Boaz

Can Bible Overturn Prison Sentence
I see the comments about no verse to turn over a prison sentence and one that they are all innocent. there are innocent people paying for crimes they did not commit. I have a 14 year old boy in juvenile detention right now and on his way to trial on an assualt charge when all he was doing was defending himself and surely God will not let him be convicted yet we deal with human influences. I believe there are a lot of folks sentenced that were innocent.

Do You Have Any Praises
I have so many things that I want to praise the Lord for, but I will only list a few here. I praise God that He healed my feet so that I don't have to walk in leg braces. For teaching me so many things out of all the things I have been through in life and for making me stronger now having gone through it all. I praise God for His grace, for His love and for His accecptance of me as I am and for changing me to be more like Him every day.

How To Punish My ExHusband
Gordon do you believe that eloy was seating next to Christ? Don't you know that Christ is on the Throne? And you have eloy seating with him. are you going to stand on your convictions? Are we not told that Christ is seating on the right hand of the Father? Are you suggesting that eloy is on the left handside of the Father. Can you explain yourself since you believe his vision.

Fellowship Of His Sufferings
leslie-- when I was about 15y/o my parents were out of the United States for the summer. I attended summer Bible camp at the invitation of a friend. I found Jesus there, then was baptized and joined a local church.
Neither my parents nor my two older brothers were Christian. My parents were furious. I was grounded, couldn't leave the house, nor have visitors or use the phone. Both parents and brothers "grilled" me repeatedly as I explained the gospel to them. My father threatened to disown me.

It was hurt and afraid.. But did I suffer as Jesus did on the cross? My suffering was in no way comparable! But maybe it was "sharing" His suffering (a little bit)
That's the worst persecution I've experienced.

Faith Withstand College
The people that I've seen lose their faith in college are usually those who grew up in Christian homes and never had to seriously "contend" for the faith.
The best preparation (beside prayer and Bible knowledge) is a thorough study of Christian apologetics. If you cannot defend your faith to others, you might not be able to defend it to yourself in moments of doubt.

The anti-Christian arguments you hear in college are often both logical and persuasive.

Was Mary Sinless At Birth
This is an interesting topic. I'm anxious to see how others answer.

I know the Bible to be true. The teaching of a particular catechism may, or may not, be true. I don't know the author of the catechism, but I do know the Author of the Bible. IF the Bible and somebody's Catechism disagree... I'll take what the Bible says!

2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

I've never heard a convincing argument, using scripture, for the Immaculate conception nor the perpetual virginity of

Acceptable To Spank Kids
Michael-- I'm glad there are still places in the world where the "trendy liberal anti spanking rubbish" hasn't yet caught on. You are so, so right, that children need BOTH love and limits. Occasionally spanking is the best way.

Everyone of my genaration was raised by parents who approved of spanking (not beating). If the psychologists are right, there should have been an epidemic of serial killings the past 40 yrs in the USA...Or at least most senior citizens should have been too violent to contribute to society.

Backsliders Go To Heaven
Paul--//He ran to the prodigal just as He runs to LOST sinners to desire a relationship with them who are not sons. It's true God does this, but that was not the message of the parable.

He ran to that wayward young man BECAUSE he was a SON. (He wasn't looking for any poor sad vagabond who happened by.)

A loving human father does not disown his children because they disobey. They are simply disobedient sons or daughters, not orphans.
In the parable, the son had suffered enough through his own actions, to willingly return. The fathers first response was joy, not retribution.

Glenn Beck's Mormon Agenda
When it comes to someone in leadership (formal or informal), I'd be for anybody who has high moral standards! I have nothing against Mormons. I don't stand against any of them. They are misled in their religion. And as much and often as possible, we should make an effort to bring them to the truth.

Write Down Your Sins
Yes, we did this at my Church one time (I can't remember the occasion, Good Friday or New Years). It's a good thing the pastor didn't ask us to write "all"our sins, as that could have been time consuming! We were asked to write down any sin that keeps coming to our mind for which we've had trouble accepting God's forgiveness. (or something like that).
The lights were dimmed, there was a time of private prayer, then one by one, silently ,people approached the cross, picked up a hammer and a nail, and nailed their paper to a cross erected for that purpose.

The sound of the hammer hitting the cross in that dim and silent church was very moving for many people. I had tears in my eyes...even BEFORE I hit my thumb with the hammer!

Why Are We On Earth
A lot of people ask this. Nobody has a complete answer. But our lives are much more than just an eternal destination. Humans need companionship (Just as God desires to fellowship with man.)

We can ease the pain, physical or emotional, of some people we meet (or, sadly, increase it). God uses such for our spiritual growth. God can give to men through other men, knowledge or sustenance.

God has given men intelligence and creativity to develop marvels from the substances and principles He created. God himself enjoyed creating ..After He made everything, he "saw that it was good". Just my imagination, but I can envision God looking at all HE has made and anticipating what man will do with it.

How To Deal With Chronic Pain
Even when you cannot pray, God's power is still yours

Well worth repeating.
Well worth remembering.
(because there ARE times when you cannot pray)

Should All Abortions Be Illegal
How can the fact that a woman in the Bible died giving birth, be used to argue that we should not try to save the lives of Pregnant women today?
That's like saying we should not treat Lepers for their disease.(lots of lepers in the Bible were not healed)

Actually, it's fairly rare that pregnancy is life-threatening. And often the child can be delivered early to save the mother.But when a choice must be made, consideration is usually given to the mother ...who often has other children at home to raise.

I'm not for abortion as a means of birth control. But I'm not for banning all abortion in all cases.

Why Do People Reject Jesus
Jack -- I certainly agree that "Christians can do tremendous damage to the cause of Christ by doing evil in His name."

Laura -- "Our behavior in this world regardless of male or female is absolutely of the utmost importance in testifying to unsaved people Jesus is Alive."
I agree with this too.

But I do NOT believe that these are the MAIN reasons people reject Christ. They rejected Christ before Christians ever came on the scene. Loving Christians make people more eager to hear the truth. But if it depended only the "love" of Christians, Christianity would probably be extinct. (By the way, I've NEVER heard anyone tell someone God hasn't chosen them)

Prayer For Trish's Health
Trish -- Be encouraged, remembering all He's brought you through. He hasn't brought you this far, just to leave you.
He's promised you He never will.
Lots of prayer going up for you!

Are Biblical Arguments Justified
Right on, Mima, I'm on your side.

One of the great values of these blogs is learning what others believe and why they believe as they do. Many, being faithful attendees of their own church, have only a vague notion of the beliefs of others.

There are Godly people who believe Pre, Mid or Post trib. They won't be kept out of heaven if they turn out to be wrong!

Also there are those who believe in free will, and some who believe in predestination. (Actually, a lot of Christians believe in some combination of the two.) Fact is, there is little observable difference in the Christian lives of those on either side.

Scripture Of The Day
Jesus says (Jhn 6:37) All that the Father giveth me shall come to me, and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

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