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Did Demons Know Baby Jesus
Steven is right. I have studied on the subject of chosen, elect, foreknew, predestined. Would this negate free will? No. Because Father knows if you will ultimately choose Him does not mean that He forced you to make any choices. All mortals have been lost since the Adam default. Jesus is the ONLY mortal no sin was found in!!! It is the Father's will that NO ONE should perish and the ONLY requirement for salvation is FAITH which brings the Holy Spirit since Jesus to do works in and through me. My works lead to death. All religions/denominations have corruption. There is only one true religion and that is you and your personal relationship with God with Jesus as mediator and His instruction book.

Eating Habits Glorify God
The bible clearly teaches that we are to do everything for the purpose of Glorifying God. If what you are eating is glorifying to God than eat it. If its not than don't. I think God would say stop thinking so much about what to eat or not to eat and just live for me...We waste so much time on stupid things like that...oh by the way if we do not immediately God into the presence of God when we die, and we have to wait until the second coming, explain then to me the transfiguration. when Moses and Elijah appeared back on earth and conversed with Jesus. Were they resurrected from the dead or were they in heaven and God sent them to meet with Jesus... Just something to think about oh that is in Matthew 17:1-13

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
Ephesians 2:8-9 We are not saved by works period we are saved by accepting Christ as our LORD and Savior. Therefore if we not saved by our works we in turn cannot lose salvation by works. What you have to understand is that we are saved by Grace through faith. So just asking for forgiveness is not going to save you....Having faith in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Romans 3:19-26...Teaches us that Righteousness is not a result of our obedience, it is a result of Christ making us righteous through his blood and our Faith. However, verses 27-31 teach us that our obedience should be a result of our righteousness(that comes from Christ) When we are saved by Christ God no longer see us as sinful all he sees is Christ..

What Is A Revival
The Gospel of Truth of Fire and Power of the Resurrected Christ should once again be preached in the churches, and also outside the churches. Not only should there be a revival in the country but there should be a revival first in the hearts of Gods people who go to church, but with a willingness to preach the Gospel of Truth to their families and to every unbeliever they meet in their jobs and bring those unbelievers to their churches to be born-again.

Revival does not start in the country. It starts in the heart of every born-again believer who has an urgency of seeing those saved that dont know Christ and are on the way to hell, and that is their mission, to get those people saved.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I have 5 boys (14, 12, 9, 7, & 4) and I believe the Bible encourages the use of an implement (a "rod", which I believe is a switch). I spank my boys' "bare bottoms" using a ping pong paddle on the 4 older ones and my open hand on the youngest. I spank HARD and people are always complimenting my wife and I on how well-mannered, respectful and obedient they are, often asking me what my "secret" is. I tell them all the same thing, an old-fashioned over-the-knee bare bottom spanking.

Healed Of Depression
God can heal anyone of anything that is why He is God. He has everything at His disposal.

Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
Please spare those of us who have done their homework on Freemasonry from the "they're all wonderful, sincere, and God-fearing good ole boys"...we know four of them. Two are cousins, one is a neighbor. My wife does some contract work for the fourth one. They are all spiritually dead, including the Shriner amongst them! See Revelation 2:24.

Joel Osteen Opinions
JoeL O'Steen teaches very good things that most of us can do but actually forget. Very practical and life changing are his teachings. I like him a lot.

Take Communion At Home
You indeed can have communion at home!!! Nothing wrong with it.

Bad Things After The Ratpure
Wake up and look around and smell the credit cards. Do you really believe the Bride is spotless for Jesus's return? Do you think we have to look at our current circumstances and maybe use our God given brains a little more. After all we are only using 10% apparently. Another thought How many Anti-christ actions are taking place under whos governence at the moment. Is everyone everywhere (families despite of geography and cultural richness and variety) not displaying the be-attitudes taught by our Messiah?

Is Harold Camping Correct
what is happening now as far as I believe is the Spirit of God is moving across this earth.we should live and what a wonderful rejuvenating creation of God we are. apply what God is showing us the good and purposefull endevours of the Spirit people will prepare the restoration of Earth (remember Christ willreturn to a spotless bride and the temple restored before his return). We create our own world within the natural we are now at the age where we reharmonise with our natural environment.

Secret Codes In The Bible
Whats false about the dry bones in Ezekiel? And all the Annonites, Amorites of peoples that were wiped out. Anfd the firey Chariot? etc... :/

What Is The Role Of Israel
The restoration of the temple of Jerusalem

Do Catholics Know History
Was James the Just the half brother of Jesus?

Remind God Of His Word
I discovered this page while seeking the answer to the same question. The verse I was seeking is Isaiah 62:6

What Is A Christian Fanatic
1stCliff, I don't see a 2ndCliff in sight for miles, why not be Cliff with all of sour dower replies and 20 votes?

Wait On Him For Marriage
So many people say you just "know" which is completely false. "For God said, I am the one true way, and to follow the path of thine heart will lead thine into the depths of hell." Cor. II 124:57. When put your faith in another HUMAN being and not GOD you are choosing a false path. If you seek Jesus' word he will guide you to happiness and maybe to love. I was blessed with two righteous man-swords. It is my penance to never find a love but i will always have Jesus' sweet salvation.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
1. You look thru the word and think you found life eternal, but you missed Jesus. for Jesus came to save the world not to condemn it.Jesus is live and everthing.He cares for everone. It is said that that if there was only one person on earth that he would have for just one. you see Jesus loves us all rich,poor or homless. you see we are all the same no matter how rich or poor we are.

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