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What Is A Prophet
wherre is the bibie does it say that Jesus was a Prophet? My bible tells me, that Jesus is the Son of God, and a Prophet is what speaks for God such as Jeremiah, Isaia etc. All Humans and Jesus is an Heavenly being, way above any man or Prophet. Prove me wrong otherwise

What Is A Prophet
where in the bible does it say that Jesus was a prophet?

Gift Of Tongues Exist
The bible says the gift of tongues was meant to minister to the unbeliever, but it seems the gift only occurs during worship services.
I once opened a sermon by reading the book of John1in Greek, and several people stood to interpret what they thought was the gift of tongues. None of them quoted John1. The modern day version of this gift is known to be popular in Satanic cults as well. Read Charismatic Chaos, by John F. MacArthur Jr.

Husband Wants Me Back
This is not a matter you should have blogged. I would recommend you find a seasoned pastor and get counsel. There's alot more going on than can be expressed on this site. Therefore, you can't get a fare opinion from a blog.
Every scipture has specific application which makes it work. That's why we call it systematic theology. I would like for you to get healthy counsel, and for you to make a godly decision accordingly. Amen?

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
Woohoo! Let the sinning begin! It must be nice to be part of a religion that lets you be the most despicable person you can be, as long as you ask for forgiveness before you die. I bet you guys get a lot of sinning in before you repent. I was just wondering, would you guys still sin,or sin as much, if there was no one there to forgive you? If you felt resposible for ALL of your sins, would you commit the same sins? I don't like to use scapegoats, and I find myself personally responsible for everything I do, good or bad. I am held accountable for all my actions, and no one is there to take the bad away whenever I want them to. If christians were more accountable, you would then have more Christ-like christians, instead of mostly hypocrites.

Is Boxing Unchristian
Some of these remarks are obviously made without truly understanding boxing and other combat sports. Usually, boxing and the training therin are done with the utmost respect for the opponent. A lot of the animosity we see on tv is for ratings, which is the unchristian aspect of sport. This question can be expanded to any form of competition, which in and of itself can be christian, depending on the mind set. With the right mind set kickball or chess is no different than boxing, only different techniques.

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
Dear Sandy,

I'll reply with truth, but I doubt the site moderator will publish because its not what the world wants to hear.

I'm sorry that God isn't answering yours or most anyone else's prayers. Unfortunately, scripture reveals He's not even listening to most of our prayers. Here's proof and why.

Lamentations 3:44
Isaiah 59:1-2
Isaiah 1:15
Isaiah 64:7

And because of our sins/breaking God's laws:

Proverbs 28:9 occurs.

I would send you my email addy or my web link, but the moderator doesn't allow that either.

Is Obama Or BP Responsible
Here's another solution to the oil leak.
Mount a set of large hydraulic jaws onto the front of a submarine, with camera's to see what's going on. Maneuver the sub so that the pipe is in the jaws, then pinch the pipe shut with hydraulic pressure. It may not totally stop the leak, but should reduce flow by 85-90%. May possibly even build the device so that after pinching, it can bend the pipe over that's above the pinch, to where it reduces flow even more. At that time a small mountain of rock and concrete can be dumped over the pipe,making a monumental headstone to this disaster, sealing it off - forever.

No Answer To My Prayer
Deuteronomy 32:20

Isaiah 59:1-2

Lamentations 3:44

Why would God do this?

Proverbs 28:9

What Is Sin
1 John 3:4, sin is ...

"saved" Christians have been deceived by their preachers!
Jeremiah 50:6
Matthew 24:5, "For many will come in my name (preachers coming in Jesus' name), saying I am the Christ (saying Jesus is the Christ), and they will lead many astray!

And because we believed the preachers, God's reaction in the verses below.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

2 Corinthians 4:14-15

Isaiah 44:18 , 19:14 , 25:7

2 Corinthians 4:3

Is Obama Or BP Responsible
Makes no difference who's responsible, what's needed is a solution. Here's a sensible one.

Load several barges with 1' diameter limestone, position over leak, and begun dumping. This will slow the leak. After numerous barges dump loads on smaller limestone. Then fine limestone/thick concrete dropped through a long hose/pipe right on top.

In essence, build a mountain of rock and concrete on top of the leaking pipe, seal it off forever. Mountain can be 1/2 mile high if necessary, won't hurt a thing!

The problem seems to be greed. BP seems to want to recover usage of THAT site rather than stop the leak.

Are Christians Scared To Die
I have been told many times by many Christians that they are absolutely sure God exists and they will be with him in eternal bliss. (Including my Sister) Yet when they are diagnosed with terminal illness they go through the same stages of denial, anger, depression that a non-believer does. That should be the best news they ever received. It's not the impending pain that causes these stages, but the realization of your mortality. And if they lose a loved one who was a good Christian they should not be sad in the least, but thrilled for them and a little jealous. They should go to casket and say, "boy they are lucky, I wish that was me". But they aren't. I think that down deep they are as unsure what awaits them as everyone else.

I Never Loved My Husband
Our emotions follow our thoughts.Our thoughts can be disciplined.A person cannot spend everyday finding fault and expect to feel warm fuzzies. As a teen I learned to fall in love. I simply meditated on the wonderful qualities of that person while ignoring (stupidly) any flaws. The result was oooey gooeey emotions. I feel that when we marry that we promsie that day to discipline our minds to forgive and look for and celebrate the good and ignore the bad. 1Cor 13. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love is a choice or probably more accurately a series of daily choices.

Evolution Taught In School
I have to go with Gwen on this one, Warwick. Your understanding of science and evolution is a For starters:

Warwick: "...evolutionary philosophy has no answer as to how life evolved in the first place-fails at step one!"

Evolution doesn't have anything to do with how life got here. The origin of life is Abiogenesis/Chemosynthesis. Evolution only takes over once life is already present. To use a bad analogy - a basketball game does not depend upon how the fans arrived.

Christians Play Secular Music
After re-dedicating myself to God I felt led by Him to toss all of my secular cd's. I didn't obey right away since I had thousands of dollars worth of music. It was tough at first but I started off with the worse ones (like rap/hip hop) and it got easier from there. Now, If I try to listen to secular music I feel so uncomfortable! It just doesn't work. In short, our God will guide us and tell us what's right. The others helped...especially when they asked if I would listen to those songs while hanging out with Jesus. It really makes you think.

Obama's Anti-Israel Stance
Obama has the judgement of a carnal man. He clearly is not a born again Christian. He goes by what HE thinks the way things should be, while ignoring what the Word of God says about most of his ideals. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who come against Israel will be accursed. It is very clear that Obama and the Priminister of Israel do not like each other at all. Obama is more for Israel's enemies.
How can a person say that they are a Christian (a real Christian, not a wanna be) and even vote for him as President of a Country that was founded on God's principles? I respect the office of President, but I don't have to like such a radical man with only the wisdom of the world, but not the wisdom of God.

Can Divorced Christians Remarry
As a Christian, we strive to be more Christ-like. On this issue everyone seems to be worried about being an adulterer if they are divorced an re-marry. The fact is, and it is scriptural, that we are all adulterers at heart. Jesus said if you look at another with lust, you have committed adultery in your heart. What Christians need to be concerned with is thier relationship with Jesus Christ and everything else will fall into place as the Lord wills.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
What does Jesus say?

Do not judge or you will be judged. Do not condemn or you will be condemned. Was Christ referring to petty things people judge each other for or did he also include wrong doing as well?

Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.... If you were found guilty of murder, would you want the judge to have mercy on you and spare your life or would you want the judge to sentence you to death because that would balance the scales?

Eye for an eye? Or turn the other cheek?

What was the purpose of Christ when he came to us? Was it to judge the world for her crimes or was his purpose to save the world? Did he come to destroy us or save us?

Go and do likewise.

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