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Mayan Calendar End 2012
There is an article that refutes the whole thing in the "sky telescope" magazine.

Where Is Jesus In The OT
You wanna know where Jesus appeared in the OT? Every time God appeared to Israel.

Are Christian Science A Cult
Yes it is founded by Mary Baker Eddy. I went to a store for that and they had books on her teachings and what not.

Atheists Origin Of Life
They explain it by...

Big bang, to Galaxy formation, to Sun formations, to Planet formations, to Bacterial formations, to Evolution formations, to Intelligent formations...

Their god? Chaos, Chance, and natural selection.

Are UFOs Really Demons
Just check it out and you will know the truth, satan and his legions are posing as aliens to deceive those who trust in technology and in evolution. Think, something like UFOs can perpetuate that there is no God. They even try and say that aliens are the creators of the Earth. Through similar beliefs in different religious societies, they try to put the pieces together and they come to the conclusion that aliens gave us what we have today, faith. The only reason that I don't believe that God, satan, angels, and demons are E.T.'s is because it takes away from the power of God, it limits Him.

Will God Change His Mind
Scriptures never said that Moses lied about it, the only way to come to that conclusion is to speculate on why Moses claimed "Thus says the Lord."

//"Brother, Don't put your trust in a man,"-Shawn M.T.//

Will God Change His Mind
Disregard that quote, now that I look on it, I felt kinda impressed not to post it.

Shawn M.T.,
If you are so interested in scriptural proof, show me the passage that states Moses lied?

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
If they accept Jesus as the perfect atonement, then yes, an adulturer can be forgiven. If a rapist does the latter and becomes a christian, then he will go to heaven also.

Is The Anti-Christ Alive Today
Check out Perry Stone's sermon "The blood line of the anti-Christ," he explains who he believes is the anti-christ of the end times.

Demon Will Not Leave Me

If you are in Christ, go to a quiet place where no one is around, and pray as loud as you can, rebuke the devil in Jesus' name and tell it to leave!!!

I pray that God watches over you!

Atheist Temple In Texas
So have I, it is called public schools!

Are UFOs Really Demons
If you have the heart to go see it, check out the movie "The Fourth Kind," and you will know beyond a doubt that UFO's are demons.

Click Here For Star Wars Blog
Watch it carefully, and you can find that Lucas uses Jesus as the archetype for Luke.

Christian Or Satan Stronger
Unsaves < satan < blood bought saved(B/C of Jesus) < Jesus.

Will God Change His Mind
Thanks MarkV. for your comment, but these things are taught to me through the Holy Spirit. I may have some holes, but who has a perfect case?

Shawn M.T., I'm trying not to argue against you and what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you. It is true, that God loves His children equally, and would rather them to live to old age in order for them to have many, many chances to be saved...

But, I heard this from John Hagee's son in his sermon, "To forgive another person without demanding a change of their conduct, is to make the grace of God an accomplice to evil." And if you remember what happened when Ishmael was allowed to go free, we now have Arab nations that want to destroy Israel!!! :o

Will God Change His Mind
Well you've been complaining over my "speculating," and you got on my case when I said that it doesn't matter. So I'm laying down what I believe that passage meant. OK? Besides, Moses spent 40 days on a mountain with God! I highly doubt that he would lie to the Israelites.

Will God Change His Mind
Shawn M.T.

Lets lay it down...

Moses, instead of giving it to himself, gave credit to God. Moses did not lie, he was only doing what the lord wanted, which was to lead His people out of Egypt and out of sin, Moses was a mediator between God and His children. The very act of Moses calling those who wanted to be on the lord's side is the scriptural evidence that God was sparing His people. Those who did not repent were no longer His children. Nothing about this was evil, and this was all apart of God's will, and it was never Moses' will to do that, but God's.

So God never did changed His mind.

Proof Of Noah's Ark
To the scientists, I became as a scientist, so that I may win some scientist's.

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