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Ministers Suffer From Lust
Men and women in ministry are just and women. They are human just like us. The only difference is they have had a calling on their life to minister but they are still tempted by same things all other peorsons are tempted with as well. They are not superhuman because they are in ministry, In fact the devil may even tempt some of them more to try to bring them down form their ministry.

What Can I Do To My Husband
You can not change him. Only God can change people. Pray, Pray and then Pray somemore.
God sees his heart and hears your prayers.

My Daughter Or My Babysitter
Been childcare provider 20+ yrs. Children who have sitter come to their home usually feel more content. She may feel uneasy in sitter's home. In sitter's home there may be rules, what can be touched or played with. In your home she would know the rules you have.
Listen to daughter. She is a child but knows why she "hates" it at sitters home. Sit down and gently talk about it. Treat her like her opinion matters. Then see if someone coming into your home would make her feel more at ease.

My Husband Keeps Cursing
I have to agree with Margaret. Your advice may come as critisism to your husband. Also the fact that you have shared this with your pastor may make him feel like you are sharing personal things behind his back. These together may make him feel angry rather than apoligetic.
Continue to pray and put him at the feet of Jesus. Only he can change his heart.

My Fiance Was Caught
NO, you are NOT over reacting. If he is doing this when you are engaged it can only get worse. I learnt too late in my marraige that I should listen to instincts, not keep thinking things would change if I only tried harder or loved more.
Makes no different what you do in the relationship if he is flirting and talking to another now he could be doing more than talking with them after marraige and believe me if you can save yourself the pain now before you say I do then it is the best to let him go.

Resurrection Eggs
The truth of the matter is - dates chosen for holidays such as Easter and Christmas often have little to do with the actual events being celebrated. Some scholars believe that Jesus was actually born in March, but we use Dec. 25 to celebrate it. I believe it's how we use these opportunities to share Christ that really matters, and having a personal relationship with Him! Attending church regularly is usually a reflection of what's inside our hearts. God sees the heart and knows our motives (Luke 16:15).

Resurrection Eggs
Back to the Eggs though.. despite the fact that eggs have nothing to do with salvation, I was very excited to learn about this idea for teaching kids about the REAL meaning of Easter. I am a public school teacher and I am planning to bring this to my classroom tomorrow! I feel this time of year is a rare occasion to share Jesus and gives me the open access to discuss it!!

I Need More Confidence
nina, I applaud you for wanting to help in church.Shows loving heart. Read your post I thought of the children/younger women in church. In Bible talks of older women teaching the younger. I bet you have some awsome stories for the children and some wonderful tips to teach/help younger women.
Be a teacher to the younger generations and help quide them towards God with your love and knowledge.

Pope Praying Toward Mecca
I recall that at my confirmation, my priest talked to us about traditionallly facing East when we made our vows, in the circular set-up of my church, however, East was interpreted as 'towards the Altar'. If all the Pope was doing was praying Christian prayers while facing Mecca (which I believe is the East), he was simply praying while facing a respectful direction. I have no problem with that.

Marriage Is A Fairy Tale
Marriage is not afairy tale, the way it is presented in the media is. RElationships are hard work, they continue to be hard work even after marriage happens. People get angry at each other and they change and grow, but with work, they can grow together or learnt o love the new aspects of their spouse. Finding someone who is worth the work of a marriage is hard, but not impossible. Finding a relationship that is easy forever will never happen.

Suppose To Pay Parent Tuition
what do you mean "supposed to"? There is no set rules about helping family out. The way I view things in my family is that they raised me, supported me and loved me all my life and now it may be mine turn to return some of this by helping them out. 70 yrs and pursuing a Masters? Good on him for staying active and not wasting his life.

Baptized For Dead Family Member
Water baptism DOES NOT get one into heaven. You MUST accept and believe in the sacrifice of God's son for our sins. Must live and walk daily in God's laws and accept the gift of salvation he gives.
NO, you can not be baptised for someone else.
Everyone hears the gospel and makes thier own choice to except it or not. We can only make the choice for ourselves in our own hearts as to whether we will follow Christ or not.

I Am Lonely And Need Friends
Sorry you feel rejected / lonely. The feelings you have however will not keep you from heaven. Your faith in God will see you through. I will pray for you that God would grant you the desires of your heart according to his will for you.
In the meantime....I pray you would find some friends perhaps on this site who would help you through the lonely times. I do not have friends where I live but have gotten many here on the site which greatly help with the loneliness of life.

Should We Bloom Where Planted
Yes "bloom where planted" AND be examples to children. I am a single stay mom but, I still go out to women's meetings, help others in need. I take son with me. He helps me and learns what it means to help/love others. We do not have much so we give of our time and hearts.
Teaching them does not just mean reading writing and math. Children learn by example.
teach them to love and care for others.

Will Of God To Free The People
God hates war and killing amoungst his children. He created us to love one another.
Due to our sinful nature and a freee will which God gave us men have turned their hatred into such things as wars. No one can truly know God's will except that he wills that we all come to him in faith and depend on him for all our needs and cares.
He loves all people but, we are the ones who have turned against him.

Which Religion Is Right
The Bible is not just for people 2,000 yrs ago it is for us today. Miracles are still happening today. In the Bible it speaks of end times, wars, rumors of wars, floods, is all coming to pass just as the Bible says. I myself KNOW that God exists because of how he has protected me and supplied our needs. Many times I have called on God for help and HE HAS helped and protected me. This is not just consequence. GOD IS REAL!

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