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Engaged To An Older Man
23 years is quite a difference. I beleive our God can heal, when he does will you feel the same way when you are 50 and he is 73. Mentally, physically and emotionally, you will look and feel younger than him. Many things you want to do, he will not. Trust me, my fiance' is 70, and a lot of places I want to go, he doesn't. Movies, dinner, and senior events, take some work. I usually can talk him into getting out. Think aoubt your physical needs as well. Prostate cancer is very serious and the medications may cause you to hav to adjust your attitude and your mental state. But whatever your decision. I keep you in sincere prayer and love.

Selling Goods Inside A Church
Many pastors and teachers add their spin to biblical teachings,add scripture,paste their face on the cover and sell their books.It seems to me they are repackaging the bible
and giving themselves credit.
Someof these mega churches get millions from members,then still turn around and sell books.

The Bible is a extensive book ,it is enough to diligently study it. What the holy spirit teaches as we read,could certainly fill books,we learn from our own experiences.I think this book selling craze is like selling the sacred things of God.

Slain In The Spirit Scripture
Daniel 10:7-9 discribes being "slain in the Spirit" "Slain in the Spirit" is not in the Bible as such. It is a term used to discribe when the power of the Holy Spirit comes on us so strong that we can not stand up in it. I have seen it where man fell because man wanted to fall, I have also seen where the presence of God was so strong that man didn't want to fall but could not stand. We should pray and ask God thru the Holy Spirit to open the Word to us and give us understanding. The Bible says we can read it and not understand because we are blinded to the truth. Many people read the Bible and do not have any understanding of what it is saying.

Love To Dance For God
Dancing before the Lord is an amazing thing. I do it all the time at home, with flags,I sing, I worship, and just love Him, Praise changes atmoshperes and opens up a whole new realm where God moves in the miraculous,and power.

Speaking In Tongues
Slain in the spirit is described in Daniel 10:8 it is best to read from 10:1-9. It doesn't state slain, but it does describe it. Also in Acts 9 when the Lord came to Saul (Paul) with an overpowering presence. That is what we refer to as slain, an overpowering presence of God. There is one other place I have read this described but can not think of it right know. MC

Good Friend Got Murdered
Go online to obituary columns in local newspapers where he lived and do a search. Pray for guidance from the Lord before you begin. He knows where he rests in this world and the one beyond. You can also do a people search on the internet if you know his full name.

Good Friend Got Murdered
Go online to obituary columns in local newspapers where he lived and do a search. Pray for guidance from the Lord before you begin. He knows where he rests in this world and the one beyond. You can also do a people search on the internet if you know his full name.

Do My Words Have Power
The scripture says that "life and death are in the power of the tongue". You can speak life to your circumstances or death to them. We are "snared by the words of our mouths" according to the scriptures. "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God".

Is Hypnosis For Christians Bad
I was one who said IT'S DEMONIC STAY AWAY. However, my daughter got hooked on oxycontin and dilaudid prescribed by Pain Mgmt Clinic for migraines. Long story short...she went to a christian doctor who did hypnosis and was delivered from all the drugs without anything hanging on...all within 24 hours. It was amazing. Be careful though and make sure you research the doctor. Have someone present with you if at all possible.

Are Small Groups Valid Ministry
A building is not the church. People are the church. NT they met in homes. God never intended us to listen to one person and look at the back of each other's heads. God placed the five-fold ministry in the body to grow us up. Ministry gifts should be free to function whether it is in a building, a home, a field, or a stable.

History Of Christianity
Not to worry. Trying to prove Jesus didn't exist is exactly what caused me to get saved. Christianity can stand the test of anyone, anytime. The enemy, whose time is short, has recently tried desperately to draw people away; i.e. the DaVinci Code, etc. The more I tried to disprove Him the stronger was the draw toward Him. Pray for all involved and those who would be drawn into the lie so they'll not be deceived but saved. Christ is spiritually discerned.

Wear Pants And Earrings
Jesus wore a long robe (dress), not pants. True, the priests wore breeches (pants) but they wore tunics (short dresses) over them.
Our pants today are not cut out for men's bodies but are cut for women's bodies. Men couldn't wear the cloth cut out for us. Lovingly suggest your dad read a book called Wisdom Hunter by Arthur. It has changed many lives in this regard. I used to own a Christian Bookstore and I can vouch for the lives changed by the content of this book which addresses this very subject.

The AntiChrist Is Announced
The Anti-Christ will be revealed when he rises out of the revived Roman Empire and signs a peace treaty with Israel. The 7 Year Tribulation then begins. No one will know who he is until then. I believe we will be raptured right before this happens. Others believe we'll be here for 3-1/2 years and some believe we'll be here for the entire 7. We'll see. I understand Beth Moore has a really good study on Daniel which is on DVD.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Our church has been studying the Kingdom for six months using only the scriptures. What an awesome study. We saw Myles on TBN one night and he made all our studies come together with his teaching on a Kingdom and how it operates. My husband and another gentleman are usually the ones to strongly critique things...but they were both astounded at the revelation they received at this teaching. It was like God just brought it all together. The entire church needs to hear this. Awesome!! Thanks!

My Daughter Is Teased
I have a severely autistic grandson. Kids can be cruel because they don't understand. Tell daughter autistic people are extremely intelligent. I told my daughter today that one day he will stand in front of her, fully healed, able to talk, not wearing diapers, and his brilliant mind will be unlocked. Teach her forgiveness and that the ones who tease her are the ones who need prayer. They are her prayer ministry.

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
Yes they can be saved. Christ died so that the unrighteous can be saved. Through salvation ALL things are become new by the renewing of the spirit. Scripture tells us that "The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth" (Psa 145:18)

I pray that you will witness to this person and pray for their salvation as well.

Your sister in Christ, marle

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