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World Will End In 2012
No-one knows the hour or the time when Jesus is coming back. We can only hope others make it out.

Believe Just For Heaven
It isn't God's fault if one doesn't believe in him. A person must have faith that there is a God before they can believe in heaven. God has revealed himself to her but she hasn't looked through her spiritual eyes to see him. Our old nature won't let us see what God needs to reveal to us so, we miss alot of the signs God shows/tells us.

You Are Going To Hell
Because people don't want to hear the truth. If you have noticed in alot of the churches they avoid saying anything about "hell, tounges, and the Holy Ghost. They want people to come And join their church so they don't speak about these things.

My Mom Just Passed Away
My mom passed away in 2001. She had a collapsed lung and COPD. She knew she was dying but she was ready. She wanted to see her kids and grandkids before she died. Have u ever heard that gospel song handfull of weeds by, Sheri Easter? That song touches me so much and now my daughter brings me a handfull of weeds, thinking they r flowers. I remember mom laughing and I asked her why she laughing, she said "I ran my race and and I'm out running the devil and he can't keep up". We may think they r suffering, but God takes the sting out of death. My mom died peacefully.

Can Saved Christians Sin
Duane: The old man hasn't died yet, we still have the ole nature rising up. The more of God's word we put in us and obey him, we die daily..

Divorce Prison Husband
My husband just arrested 2 people who where smuggling drugs into WV. Both of them had families belonging to others, the only thing they cared about was where was themselves. The amount of cocaine they got from them was enough to put 3-4 kids through college.
So Francis, don't tell me that these people r in their right minds cause there not. Grounds for divorce yes, I think so. Don't get me started on the rest of the story.

Divorce Prison Husband
Francis, If this man had it his way, u r right, he would not be in jail. But still he would not be there for his family because he choice would be drugs. He will steal anything that has any value to sell for drugs. No doubt he will use the money for bills and food to use for drugs. Even though his body is at home, his mind is somewhere in lala land. So techinaclly he still isn't there for his family. I would rather this man and others like him be in prison instead on the streets, where our children are. At this rme prison is where he belongs, at least there he has to get help, judge orders.

Wife To Correct Pastor
No, a person should wait until they are in private then speak to the man. Maybe what he said, he actually believes. But the wife or anyone should not speak to him about this unless in private.

Let's Introduce Ourselves
My name is Rebecca. I will be 35 tomorrow:) I am married to a Preacher/Police Officer/Business Owner of lawn maintaince. Whew, that's alot of slashes. I live in the central part of WV. I have a huge garden and I love it. The church we go to is Hilltop Family Worship Center, it is a non-demonational church. I love going camping, being among friends, and spending time with my family.

Sins Past Present Future
Duane: If one is forgiven from their sins always, then why were we told to repent? If that were the case, then when a person first gets saved, them later on backslides, then according to you, that person is going to heaven because their sins are already forgiven. What about a person who is a christian but snaps one day and kills someone? Are they already forgiven by God without asking, or is that person going to hell?

Divorce Prison Husband
Francis: This man is being selfish. All he cares about is when and where he can get his next fix. This man has put his family through he'll. For u to say he didn't leave his family is absurb, cause he did. You may say that u would not divorce your husband if u was in this situation, but I'm sure u would. While we must obey Gods word, he would want use to use some common sence. Ya know your not a very compassionate person. Your responses to a question, show no love at all. What gives?

Will God Forgive Same Sins
why ask God to forgive you if your going to repeat the same sin over and over. God will not take you serious, if u continue to ask for his forgiveness, without a pure heart.

Was Jesus Tempted
Yes he was. I am sure a woman tried to suduce him. But he never gave in. The bible says that he was tempted just like us. Remember, Satan tempted him and he said, Thou shalt not tempt thy Lord thy God. The difference is, Jesus knew not to be tempted, unlike us we Somtimes give into temptation.

Divorce Prison Husband
Francis, Okay for better or for worse, how is this man. Holding up his vows? He is the one who got messed up with the law, it wasn't the wife's fault. So I think u need / re- track your steps and stop blaming everything on the wife

Sins Past Present Future
Reba, I believe that a person can get saved only once, after that it is repentance. But to believe in once in grace always in grace, is saying it doesn't matter what u say or do, God will forgive without asking. And the bible don't teach that.

Sins Past Present Future
Your past sins are forgiven but your furture sins are not. Because how can God forgive sins that hasn't been committed yet? My past sind r forgiven, under the blood cause I committed those sins and I asked God to forgive me once I came to him. Saying that a person's furture sins are already forgiven is saying Once in grace, always in grace. And that is not what the bible talks about.

Divorce Prison Husband
Melissa, You have giving this man chance after chance to get cleaned up, just like the law has. God too will give a person so many chances before he will stop dealing with that person. I would divorce him. You and your kids deserve better than that. Your kids Dont need to be in a home where that is all they see of their dad. Your family needs to be free from this pain.

Husband Comes Back Abortion
Francis: This husband left for a reason, and I'd say that reason was another woman. He left for a year, and chances r he wasn't faithful.

Obama Refuses To Attend
I don't like the fact that Obama says that everyone has to have insurance or they will be fines. It is great if the person/family can afford Insurance, but fine them if they don't have it. We have great insurance but that and taxes tears us up. My brother-n-law can't afford insurance on his family. His job doesn't cover the whole family unless he pays around $300 a paycheck ( every 2 weeks). I don't know why Obama passed this, it is good that jobs have to carry insurance on their employees but it doesn't do any go if they can't afford it.

Don't Live Together Anymore
I would find out why he got married in the first place. I could be wrong but he may have another woman on the side. I would talk to him and find out. It sounds like he already made his choice. According to someone on this blog love has nothing to do with it. (I think they have been listening to Tina Turner to much). But if the two of u aren't happy, and he says he don't love u then why stay together? If your not happy then u can't worship God like u need to.

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