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What Is The Pride Of Life
Jesus is The Way Truth and Life,So taking pride in Jesus is evil? "pride of life",So we must take "pride of death"?

Does Luck Exist For Christians
It is wrong for a Christian to believe in luck. First luck and miracles do not exist in the same space. Second you say this person or that person, or I was lucky robs God of thanks and praise.

Who is Chuck Missler?
AKA: Are you describing them as Christian Zionist? or me, because I am not!
The blood lines have been so mingled through time that it's virtually impossible to tell who is who .... but I will say this .. if there is a pure Israelite bloodline then God knows who they are.
And I might say there must be because God refers to the 12 Tribes regarding the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:12 And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:

Who is Chuck Missler?
IMHO: The account of the Exodus from Egypt is a picture of our salvation. All the while the Children of Israel/Jacob were in Egypt God protected them from every plague He sent on Egypt. They were not delivered before the plagues struck. They even survived the death angel by putting the "lambs blood" on the doorposts and lintels and their very lives were saved.
God will protect His own during this 7 year tribulation period in the same way. I believe that if we are alive at this time, we will go through the tribulation period before Jesus comes again. Our only means of salvation is to have "the Blood of the Lamb of God" applied to the doorposts of our hearts.
Thanks you, Rick

What Is The Strong Delusion
I believe that the "Strong Delusion" is the great lie of Satan... "I will be like God". This is Satan's personal delusion, it is the delusion in which he tempted Adam and Eve, and it is the same delusion in which Satan has corrupted the Church. "I will be like God","I will be like Christ"... it is the same lie out of the same mouth. Even though scripture clearly teaches that God alone is holy, and clearly emphasizes of the eternal uniqueness of Christ Jesus our Savior, most Christians believe in a blasphemous personal Christlike transformation.

Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandle
These are perilous times.

2Ti 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
2Ti 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
2Ti 3:3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
2Ti 3:4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God,
2Ti 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

I Love A Married Woman
I'm just as confused and will be torn to pieces here.I am in love with a married women and she IS ONLY staying in her relationship because of her faith.She IS a devout Christian. We have tried for three and a half years to end this...we can't! We really can't be apart! ....We're both in our 40's , we both have a life and we can NOT stay apart for more than 3 weeks. This has NEVER been based on passion FYI. Soooo.. WHY does this deep rooted love have to be labeled a sin? Can you go to hell for love? I wouldn't think so. PLEASE don't give me the typical biblical I've already heard the quotes !!!
ANYONE's help would be's just love ......and I KNOW it's forbidden...

Is A Spiritual Covering Needed
THE BIBLE ANSWER !!!!!! _ But I want you to understand the Christ is the Head (covering)of every man, and the mand is the head of his wife, and God is the head of Christ. PRETTY SIMPLE. Pastors that have control issues need to read about Jesus girding himself with a towel, and washing the deciples feet - their actually servants ....(oops!!) NOT LORDS !! -
most have forgot that. Also - were supposed to submit to one another in love.

Should I Date A Non-Christian
2Cor6:14 is not about marriage. First, marriage isn't a "yoke". More important a single union (a mismatch) of many (yourselves, unbelievers) would be an orgy. Subsequent verses indicate the Corinthians apparently asked about joining a pagan congregation's temple. And Paul said no.
In 1Cor Paul answers the C/NC question with "I have been given no instruction". Thus you may date or not as you wish.
I suggest you invite the guy to church. If he says no, it may be because he doesn't want to go, doesn't think the invitation is sincere, or maybe because he needs to buy a suit. You don't know, you never will. So invite him again. You'll get a better idea of his faith/beliefs than just what he says.
Good luck

Did Solomon Go To Hell
The Most High God decides on that day who will be a part of the new earth and who will pass into the lake of fire. No one but God will know who. You are a false prophet Catherine, whether you know it or not. You are being spoken to by demons. Who on this earth can know God or look on his face? Who can say that he understands. Read Romans 3.

Pray To Quit Drinking
I am a recovering alcoholic. Alcohol took me to death's door on at least 3 occasions. Only God can break those chains that bind us. Pray that he will be given the Gift of Desperation. Only then will he be ready to seek a power greater than himself. The 3rd step of recovery is "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him." If necassary "As we don't understand him", but we have to be willing to try. This has to come from the heart and not from head knowledge. I do not know you or your fellow but I will pray for you both. Keep your eyes on God, no matter what. Remember that the gift of salvation is freely give but is never forced upon anyone. May God have mercy on you and he.

Relations Before Marriage
I did not become a believer until after we were married and my wife was doing it her whole life. I have fallen away from the church because of the type of people I ran into that attended church. No Excuse on my part, but that is what happened, I did do my part to destroy this marriage just basically the same situation with "Fireproof". I am the one trying to save my marriage but she keeps telling me her belief is what driving her away. She told me right after we sent an email to her Uncle " A gospel Preacher" that he would state this a scriptual marriage. But we got the complete oppsite from that. So we are back at ground zero.

Relations Before Marriage
Thanks Trish,
Now that she out there in NM, she has told me that she does not feel that she is my wife and never had the right to be together. How can the fornicator put away the the adulter if the forincator is married to me.

How can I prove to her in verses that this a marraige within the eyes of God?

Someone told me that way she believes is called leaglism and not greace, but she feels that it is grace and not legalism? How do I show her in verses of that as well?

Relations Before Marriage
My first marriage was a marriage but did not function like a marriage at all. I had a spouse that did not want to be with me, wherever my job put me. My current wife believes this is how she must repent for the sin we have done. The Church Of Christ that she attends is accepts this as well. Some call it double talk or legalism the way they believe. I love my wife and she has taught me alot and we share two kids together and a stepson that I claim as my own. I have done my part to destroy this marriage as well, and I am now trying to fix it. We were attending a marriage counsler but then she moved out NM with her parents. They drive three hours one way to attend a church that believes the way they do.

Word Of Faith Churches
That is like making a racial statement and saying how come all (fill in the race) are (fill in the what ever you are claiming about a particular race).

I have discussed many scriptures with Word of Faith and non Word of Faith believers. I find them all to be the same. Some people get offended and some don't.

That statement is false accusation. More than likely developed by a lack of knowledge. Either lack knowing the Father or of your topic or of both.

When we know the Father we are like Him, we respond like Him. When we don't we respond like everyone else in the world.

What I have come to find is a lack of knowledge of the Father causes hate, division, strife, contention and all kinds of things that are ungodly.

Jonah In A Big Fish's Belly
If you recall he was rebellious and went the opposite way from Ninevah... Causing the ship and its crew to almost loose their lives because he was rebelling... He told them that the only way to save themselves was to throw him over... Then He needed to die (to self)... call it a metaphor, if you want to... He was in a fish for the delineated time and was using his faculties to recall the stuff that was going on while the time was being "delineated"... Yeah?... Then the fish spit him onto the land and he went to Ninevah... I think that Jesus spoke of a seed falling and dying to produce more of like kind speaks to this situation... Peace

Pastors In Expensive Homes
I don't mind if the pastor drives a big car or lives in a big house. Mine does - and I still tithe faithfully, and have no plans to stop.

How Can I Save My Marriage
My wife and I were in the same boat 18 years ago. I was the one leaving and she wanted to save the marriage. She stepped out alone to do it and it worked. She focused on doing the right thing no matter what I did, and she walked in love toward me. We have now been involved in marriage ministry for 14 years! I can tell you that most marriages are saved when one spouse steps out alone to save it. We have seen it time and again. Someone has to do something. I recommend you do what my wife did. It works.

Was Divorced By My Wife
Granted, I have not read ALL of the posts here, but I do find myself on the side of grace. I have one item for consideration, and that is the woman at the well. She was married how many times? She was shacked up with yet another man when she finally met Jesus. Jesus knew all these things and still did what? Tell her, -sorry, but I have a very special place in h_ll for you- No. He said she was forgiven. If she can be forgiven after 3 remarriages, can't I (whoever), be forgiven after 1 (or even 3), remarriages? ... or was she the one special person, from the foundation of the earth, created for this one act of forgiveness?

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