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Saved With Atheist Partner
Beloved sister in Christ. My advice to you is pray , fast and pray , listen to that still small voice . I take it your born again but not sure your spirit filled {baptized in Holy Spirit} do your self a favor and read the first four gospels Matthew ,Mark, Luke and John straight through and pay attention to WHAT JESUS SAID. Your answer to your situation is there between you and Jesus. His advice is best.

Weight Loss Tips And Scriptures
I suggest you read the book "Spirit Led Eating" by Erling "Len" Fredrickson

What Day Is The Sabbath
Gen 3:1-2 "Thus the heavens and the earth and all the host of them were finished. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made." The 7th day was set apart and made holy by our Creator. It is a memorial of Creation and honors our creator. Keeping it is an act of worship and submission to the authority of Him who established it. It is not a shadow of things to come fulfilled in Christ. Those were ceremonial sabbaths, not the weekly Sabbath. We know this because it was established and made holy before sin entered the world.

Where Do The Dead Go
Body + Breath of God(spirit) = Living Soul

Care For Widows And Orphans
James 1:27 is where it references this. It's also in 1 Timothy, but you can type in

"care for the widows & orphans"

like I did & get references.

Donald Trump And Christians
Donald Trump stated on one of the Fox news programs just yesterday that he is Christian, Prodestant, and is memeber of Presbyterian Church.

For me, this beats the wacko beliefs of our current President hands down.

Anyway, we are voting for a Commander and Chief, not a religious leader.


Acceptable To Spank Kids
I spanked my boy,and it has made him a better boy.He is 13 now and loves the Lord.I know spanking is hard and you wish there was some other way to do it but it really is for the best.I was spanked as a child and I feel it made me a better person.Some one who knows how to control their feelings.It is important not to spank in anger. Get your self ondre control first. And tell them why they are being spanked and always remember to tell them you love them.

Can The Devil Read Our Minds
Why do you think the Devil can not read minds or is not omnipresent? What proof do you have? How do we know that God is omnipresent? Assuming the above named are real, who are we to say what they are or can do?

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
I really want to know if this can happen? I was told that because I got a divorce and am going to marry another. That because of this I will now never go to Heaven?? Is this true? I am scared for my soul!!!

Angels Taking Women For Wifes
That was then and not now.God would not let that happen again.

Why Didn't God Kill Satan
Because with God everything has a reason.And we are told in the bible that we aare not meant to undrestand everything now.
God protects us every day.And if you believe in God there is nothing to fear.
God gives us free will to decide for our selves and he wants people who truly love him.He is a fair GOd And he loves you so much.
BLess You.

Holiday Party Drink
We're human. When Christians are made to be afraid to do anything for fear that everything fun is sin, they began to lose their joy and are at much greater risk of turning away from the faith. There are people who will tell you that even a glass of wine with dinner will damage your spirit. Not true. A drink now and then won't kill you, nor will it send you know.

Is A Spiritual Covering Needed
Paul said to follow him as he followed Christ...I have been in the situation, the pastor was in sin, trying to blame his wife for it. I came to the conclusion, we are to submit to each other, and the pastor is to have a group of ppl he is accountable to. Personally I do not follow any one person. I have the understanding the we all have a "pulpit" not always in the church on the platform...and our call is to share the word of God...the pastor, no where in scripture is to be a ruler over a body of ppl. The bible clearly teaches a "team leadership" the one man directing the church is a mans ego trip deal...nothing more

How Much Should Pastors Be Paid
I am a new Christian. We attend a small church that is hurting. When I say small I mean like 25 in attendance and 6 of those are kids. I don't understand why our pastor gets paid or even accepts it. He and his wife both have jobs, plus he recieves a check from being in the navy. Service lasts no longer than 45 minutes. No church on wed., bible study at parsonage on wed. but no one goes. The people in the church are older people that have attended there for many years. He's been preaching for about a year. I have a bad feeling and starting to think that everyone else does too.

Forgiveness After Divorce
Trish - thank you for your insight.

I Hate My Husband
I understand how you feel. I have been married for 21 years to a man that only thinks about how wonderful he is and how much money he can provide for his family. I guess that is his brand of "love" but like yours mine is never home, and if he shows up at the house all he talks about is work. I started school last year and he had a heart attack 2 weeks before finals so I couldn't finish. I have been totally devastated that the only plan I had to support me and my 4 kids was ruined by his non-stop workaholicness.

How To Witness To A Mormon
Please pray, pray, pray. they are truly misguided and think they have the truth. I was a Mormon for 50 years, After I left I learned the truth. It has been a difficult transition and they don't have to denounce their belief to be saved. Once they are the holy spirit will teach them the truth, with a little help from their friends. The bible is the ultimate true love letter to us from God. Have fun.

Is Prince Charles The AntiChrist
lisa, that was hysterical, I needed a laugh.

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