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Never Got An Engagement Ring

Halloween And Jack O Lantern
Poems like: Christians are like Pumpkins does not tell the whole story. What the poems says does happen eventually, but not overnight. May take years for a lot of the qualities that poem speaks of, to happen. The poem left out a lot of details. This is why a lot of christians are lost and powerless, these days. The poem is very misleading.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
Submit means to respect and honor your wife, Jed. And vice versa. To never verbally,physically harm your wife in any way. She has the power to make decision in the home, just as you do. But the head(husband) should be consulted, most times. Vice versa. Especially on major issues. No major decisions should be made by either spouse unless the other is notified. If husband and wife disagrees, at any time. The husband(head) is to make the last decision, for the benefit of the entire family. But he should consider the wife's opinion, at all times. He should never treat her as one of the kids. Or disrespect her in any way. Same goes for the wife. To honor,love and respect one another. That is the foundation for a happy marriage.

Is This Waitress A Christian
Mima. I have been at CN for quite a few years now and so have you. You know full well that this lady has taken the first steps to being saved. She spoke it out of her mouth(confession) then asked Jesus to come into her heart and save her. She has been born again. Jesus declared that if we did this, He would not turn us away. God(Jesus) does not and will not lie. If you have been a christian for any length of time,Mima. You should know the answer to this question.

Can I Divorce Over Abuse
Dear,dear carla. Bless your heart. I don't understood exactly what you are trying to say in your post. Did you mean whining about marriage? You typed winging. But nevertheless, you are wrong again. The bible says a wise man will change, a fool never changes. I consider myself a wise person. In most things. It does not matter what you or anyone says. If I see a reason to change my previous comment. I will. But I see no reason why anyone would be stupid enough, to stay in an abusive relationship(long term). I will not. Never. I am willing to work things out with my spouse(others) etc..But life is too short for me to continue doing this, for years. In a reasonable amount of time if things have not changed. I will make a change.

Depressed Wife Divorced
Peter you are clearly in need of marriage/ guidance counseling. You should have done this before you jumped into the new marriage. You want to blame your exwife for everything. That is evident in your post. But that is not true. You contributed to the downfall of your marriage also. You need to face that and admit it. Then you will begin to heal and see where you need to make improvements to yourself,usually. Counseling/therapy will do this for you. You must stop blaming your wife and others and begin to fix....You! Then your marriage will begin to take on a new life and meaning. Marrying for the sake of marriage is destructive!

Did Anyone Marry A Little Boy
A very sad but eye-opening question. A lot of us did marry this type of person. But it goes both ways, to be fair to the little boys. The way we begin these relationships are usually the way they will end. We should learn to discuss certain subjects(during dating) beforehand, and hope his true feelings come out, before we commit. But life has a way of turning the tables on us and mess happens. There are no guarantees in life. We take chances,pray and hope for the best.

Afraid Of Girlfriend's Past
You know Jed you are not even worth answering. But for the sake of play I will. What the heck. I have never advised anyone to flat out leave their husbands,kids or family. We should always obey the precepts and commands of God. God said He hates divorce. I have never read anywhere in the bible we should stay in abusive relationship or anything close to that. If you read my posts very closely. I always suggest prayer because God is able to change any situation. But we do have free will and hopefully,spiritual discernment. I always give the flip side of an answer as well. We do have choices, in life. Also you need to run reference on the word submit. You are light years away from knowing what it means.

Prayer For Rain In Texas
The weather has been beautiful here in Texas. We have had a lot of rain. So,so. We have gone through a couple cold snaps and we are back to spring like weather now.Today is a perfect day in H town! We thank our God!

Did God Make Us Robots
God mandates everything in a christians life. We are to follow His precepts and commands. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ we are pleasing the Father. When we make sacrifices and obey God's will we are pleasing God. Even when it look like we are making fools of ourselves, we are to still choose Gods way. The down side: we have to be discerning and be willing to follow the leading of Gods spirit. Most christians are too weak,faithless and shallow to even know the will of God. This is why a true preacher,teachers and prophets of God, are needed. And we don't know who they truly are,these days. But this is no reason for us to give up,stop going to church or fall away from God. Only the ones who endure to the end shall be saved.

God Said Give To The Poor
If God really speaks to someone and command him or her to sell everything and give to the poor, we are to do that. But I doubt if that will happen in these days and ages. In those days things were very different. There were not many social agencies and help around as it is today. There are million of ways to seek help now. If someone need anything, they only need go a few blks from their home in most cities and towns in the US. In 3rd world and undeveloped countries,that's another story. But God is able to take care of his own.We are to do for ourself, as much as lies within our power. God takes care of the rest.

Husband Love His Stepdaughter
Again Jed has no earthly idea of right from wrong. Neither does Paul. Who cares about maturity when something like this happens. Get on their level and deal with them, like they have dealt with you. Thirty seven years is old enough to know right from wrong. These skanks knew better.They both have the morals of an alley cat. The only way you are going to heal is: to get both of them out of your life, forgive them(for your sake and Jesus)if you are a christian, and never do this insane thing again. You were not all that. Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. You have learned a very painful lesson, in a very painful way. I am sorry.

How To Approach HIV Friend
I have been married 30+ yrs for those who care to know. Since everyone hangs on to every word that I post. My marriage has been a happy one for the most part. So unlike you have assumed Jed, I have great respect and regard for the sacredness of marriage.I am the marrying kind. But it is not for everyone. I hope you will refrain from spreading your lies on these blogs, in the future.

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