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Is Baptism Public
I still haven't seen a crispy critter Christian. Jesus said he will baptize in spirit and fire. Baptism means to immerse. After a two-year hiatus from this site, I see we all still are immersed in daily bull.... Lol.

Age Of Bible People
I was just jabbin you.

I think peter norton bought it.

Gold Dust From God
I said that is good for you and I meant it.

I am not trying to find dirt.

Before anyone spends a nickel, he should check both sides. Otherwise, it is worthless.

God Stopped Contact
You cannot prove anything to anybody.-aka

Are you saved?

Now can you see the flaw in the Salvation comes first and Relationship comes second doctrine?

---Davidon 1/22/15

If by saved, you mean born born means flesh, born again means spirit. Just like I was not born upon conception, I am not born again until fully delivered. during my spiritual gestation, I can die at any time for different reasons. Sower and seed.

My salvation will come if in that day, he sees me and says, it was a tough one but well done. If I hear, I never knew you, then I am not saved.

Now can you see the flaw in relationship with no regard to delivery, and salvation and righteousness is assumed doctrine?

Are These False Teachers
Over the centuries many people's prayers to Mary and the saints have been answered. So I have no objection to that.

---learner2on 1/19/15

If this statement is not intended to be facetious...

So as long as prayer is answered, it does not matter to whom we pray.

Gold Dust From God
Good for you learner

The Mother of all IHOP Casualties

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Tags: Glory, Grace Covenant Church

Are These False Teachers
Over the centuries many people's prayers to Mary and the saints have been answered. So I have no objection to that.

---learner2on 1/19/15

If this statement is not intended to be facetious...

So as long as prayer is answered, it does not matter to whom we pray.

Baptise Other People
Two sticks joined together makes a new creation.

//Peters message, as John the baptists message were the same, both under Law.//

---michael_e on 1/21/15

Pretty much...especially before the death and resurrection, then Peter's was amplified like paul who was decimating jesus' believers at that time.

Age Of Bible People
Linguistic semantics is the study of meaning that is used for understanding human expression through language, which include synonymy. Hebrew is more precise than English generally speaking. I don't think hebrew earth and world are as synonymous as the two English words.

Symantec was foundedin 1982 byGary Hendrix. I don't know what symanitcs are.

What Does Hell Look Like
From H7592, hades or the world of the dead (as if a subterranian retreat), including its accessories and inmates: - grave, hell, pit.
---Trav on 1/21/15

ge enna G1067
vrom valley of the Son of Hinnom or Gehenna. A desolate place used as a big garbage heap it constantly burns and also used for child sacrifice.

Gold Dust From God
Cluny, a few years ago, on another blog site, I heard of something called IHOP. I could not figure what pancakes has to do with god, so I researched.

There was/is a movement called the Kansas City Revival. People like Todd Benson and John Crowder emerged. The former was visited "as Bob was preparing for prayer, he immediately went into anActs 10:10type of trance. Bob's highest revelations come in this way. In the visitation, Bob saw what appeared to be 12 ordinary "men" approaching him. Although they had the appearance of men he knew they were angels. The one in front seemed to be the most prominent, and he served as spokesman for the group." Copied from blog blahblahblah.

This is not the site I frequented.

Baptise Other People
Well, Michael, you do not need to wait for my answer to what is already just have to read.

1 Peter 3:18

For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit,

Slightly different words to two audiences...same meaning.

Now answer this.

Paul said no longer act like Gentiles...Peter said don't act like the Gentiles do. Who are 'we' supposed to act like?

God Stopped Contact
David, I think you assume that I don't not understand your position. I understand what the Bible says, and I have no claim to be called righteous as far as I know. But I will warn you of using the word righteous in such a manner. Jesus defined murder correctly within the law. he also gave another definition. In the end, which do you think he will use? Both..maybe? As far as righteous goes, it is also a double edged sword that should be handled with care and fear. You cannot prove anything to anybody. The lord shows his strength through his people's weakness and not pride. And as i read the holy spirit convicts not you or any that deems themselves righteous. Just state what you believe and thank God for each and every breath you take hereafter.

Baptise Other People
It is hard to understand because the message was different. michael_e

So, with scripture from the holy spirit you are not only replacing judah, but all of jacob.

Ephesians 4:17-18

Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds. They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.

Gold Dust From God
It depends on how you are using 'from God'.

God created gold dust...yes.

how gold dust is manifested in certain gatherings is highly suspicious.

Baptise Other People
If Peter and Paul were preaching the same thing why was it hard for Peter to understand?

---michael_e on 1/20/15

The same reason that the older brother of the prodigal son did.

The same reason that the jews did of the Gentiles (ethnos)

the father explained the need for grace and provoked to jealousy, it was a hard thing to understand from their viewpoint.

God Stopped Contact
David, I get it. I guess as long as words in the bible conform to the understanding of our hopes, thoughts,and dreams....instead of God's will....

God Stopped Contact
Trav...was locked out of temp account for 12 hours.password stuff. fname period lname (minus vehicle) at gee male.

David...First, the Father walked with a few men. Then, God walked amongst men in Emmanuel. I am not sure what your stance is, but jesus says that he has to leave in order for the spirit to come. The three are in agreement but have different functions.

The process of God in talks, God in person, and god unseen is a relationship the builds up the revelation of the one true kingdom.

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