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Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Jn.17:6-(9)>17, 20-26.

Is The Soul Immortal
I guess it's what one means by immortal. Everyone lives forever, just depends on where, & who with, Echad/God in Heaven/The New Heaven & Earth, or with the (d)evil one in hell, then the lake of fire!

Who is Pat Robertson?
Read his autobiography "Shout It From The Housetops"!

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
Only one unpardonable sin, and it's not adultery. Anyone, except a reprobate, fallen angel, or satan can be forgiven for any scripturely "pardonable" sin, IF, they repent from their heart. Lke.13:1-5.

Is Russia A Friend Of The USA
Do some scriptural research on MaGog & Gog!

Who is Paula White?
"The earth is The Lord's and the fullness thereof ....". Heirs of earthly goods receive from their labor, be it good or evil, how much more should heirs of 'our Heavenly Father' receive good(s) from Him"? I would have perished had I not believed to see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living ..."!

Read the parable on the talents. If believers are stewards of this earth through The 1st & 2nd Adam, why not enjoy some of it's fruit's?

Cow And Human Put Together
Definitely! Backed by The Word(s) of God, not scientific evolution thinking or head knowledge, "nothing new under the sun" said The Preacher. A male & his female, clean (7 pairs) & unclean (2 pairs), were brought into 'Noah's Ark' [NO MULES!].

Since mules can't reproduce after 'their kind', where did they come from? Talk To G_d!

God evidently gave that fella Moses more than The Ten Commandents!

Who is Paula White?
This bob6749, stands by the words spoken in Acts 5:34-39, Matt.3:12, III Jn.2.

Some people have to know they don't have to 'just survive', depend on handout's etc. They can do better. Many ways to be blessed & glorify God. Ever heard Paula's testimony?

Big difference between taking, loans, & giving to ministry of helps. There's enough groups trying to destroy 'Christianity' already, who greatly the help some give them!

Cow And Human Put Together
Genesis 6:5-6. Where did mules come from if G_d did'nt create them? They have never reproduced after 'their kind' despite Gnostic's, science, etc.

Like mules, we'll have to wait and see what The Lord allows to happen. I'm surprised they did'nt try it with sheep 1st.

Bottom Line? Another satanic attack by those with darkenned understanding, believing viewing mankind as advanced 'Gorrillas' origins, from Greek mythology, & missing links! Gen.6:1-4; Rom.1:1-18,>.

Who is Paula White?
Philippians 4:10-23. Sowing & reaping, not to man, but to God. Read Mal.3:10 ["... that there may be meat in 'MY house'..."]. Remember Joseph & the 7 years of plenty & 7 years of famine.

Terorists at times copy ministries that dollar for dollar do 100's of times more for needy people than any gov't because of no red tape, politics, etc.

Hurricane Katrina & other world disasters are examples [Jn.13:34-35 /Great Commission fits here too!].

Who is Paula White?
continued: The gov't is always watching, a lot of tax exempt status' are being lost everyday, most for the wrong reasons, new laws, etc. Where ever money is Uncle Sam will be. In addition, most all of these ministries are monitored by their peers & themselves. Always give God something to work with, like the widows mite, or the widow who gave Elijah her very last & it made her quite wealthy. Simply watch who you give to, then leave it in G_d's Hands [Acts 5:34-39].

What Day Was Jesus Crucified
Toby [no disrespect, are you a male or female]. I agree 12 noon/the sixth hour [high noon] was the hour Messias/Jesus The Christ of G_d gave up His Ghost, not on the the weekday.

No need adding on more needless scriptures. [Count backwords 50 days from Shavout & see what you get (Lev.23:15)]!

You haven't answered the Gen.1:1 question yet, not that it matters or will respond.

What Day Was Jesus Crucified
Well, at least "High Noon" is right, with or without Gary Cooper there.

Wonder when Jesus numbered the yoms and/or omers in Genesis 1:1>?

What Day Was Jesus Crucified
oby. Later! No matter what you say or believe, 40 + 10 always equals 50 except maybe when trying to solve for the unknown use 1/2 days for full days, or reject anything not in your spiritual equation or test tube.

Scriptural facts speak for themselves, [2 Tim.2:9-13,14-16] speaks for me.

Read Zola's books "The Seven Feast's Of Israel" or "The Feast Of Pentecost". A closed mind receives nothing.

See You Later, I'm done on these OMERS!

Jesus Teen Years
Kay, just saying what God said in Mal.4:5; Matt.11:7-15,16-18. Some things are "spiritually discerned". Christ said of John [His second cousin 'after the flesh'] "if you will receive it, this is Elias, which was to come" [Matt.11:7-15].

I try avoiding blog's when the answer is self evident & scriptural, as NO one person knows it all. Better to know the shepherd than a lot of scriptures with head knowledge [not meant to be personal or negative!].

Jewish Temple To Be Rebuilt
The Great Jewish Temple WILL BE REBUILT AGAIN AS PROPHESIED IN TROUBLED TIMES. Name any time [globally] more troubled than our present world!

The church has nothing to do with The Jewish Temple, our bodies are individual temples of The Holy Spirit IF we belong to Messias/Christ Jesus.

"Where the carcas is the eagles gather"? A carcas is dead. Rather "where evil works are, judgement eventually falls"!

The Last Days And Latter Days
When Christ/Messiah said "it is finished", His work was finished on earth! Enter God's Holy Spirit on the Day Of Pentecost [Jn.14:*16,17-26,27-31, Acts 2:1>] who will be with & in believers up to Christ's second return to earth throughout all eternity.

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