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Will A Degree Help My Career
I think these is not true but you degree can help you do what God had planned for you.some people graduate just because their friends did the same thing so what matters most is the effort you put in your area of work.

Is A Divorced Pastor Proper
Saved before or not, Jesus's blood will never lose it's power. HE sees our hearts and it's desires and intents. We need to go beyond religion and look deeper with the eyes of Jesus...and, with His eyes, there's always room for forgiveness when one truly repents. Isn't He wonderful!!! I love him SO much...and He loves us all too, in spite of all our "in spite of's" *S*

We All Should Be Vegetarians
I dunno about u but i am sure glad god made animals and people who can kill them for us to eat (since i couldnt kill them myself)
CAN U IMAGINE ONLY EATING nuts and berry's for rest of your life?
oh good lord i wouldnt last a

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
yes only that person and god knows if they really are sorry for it ...and if they are sorry for it they are forgiven

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