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Are Babies In Heaven Angels
in heaven, every soul is the same age {around 30).

Want To Believe In God
It is not God that keeps you from believing, but yourself. Just accept that there is a higher power and he will open up your heart.

How To Become Saved
Accepting the fact or theory that Christ, was God reconciling the world to himself. Simply stateds if a person and I mean any person i.e., black, white, yellow or green can beleive without a shadow of doubt that God has a son and sent his son to die for the human race, to put us back in right relationship with God saves you. If a person believes that Jesus was God and waited for God to raised him from the dead saves you. If you can beleive that then you are on your way to heaven.

Will God Punish Me
If a person sins and repents (meaning turn from their thatb ungodly state they are forgiven. Please stop beating yourself up. If any man sin God is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse. Repent, learn how to forgive yourself and move on to the next chapter and wonderous episode in your life. You probably by-passed your second husband feeling guilty. Move on with your life God has.

No Salvation Without Baptism
The thief on the cross never was baptized and yet Jesus told him that he would be with him in Paradise. To be a follwer of Jesus and do as he did yes you should be baptized but not being baptized will not prevent you from heaven.

And Yes Baptism is a outward showing of an inward going on inside of you

Does The Blood Of Christ Heal
Tell your friend that all he has to do in he future is place the blood on the people. The blood is always available so you do not have to plead for it or plead for its power to perform. So to answer Jesus' blood never looses its power! So until Jesus cracks the sky there is redemptive, recovery through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have a slew of testmonies in my pocket.

Divorce My Lazy Husband
Have you prayed about the situation? Did you missed this important fact while courting him? Now since you are in this I strongly suggest going on a Daniel (read Daniel 10 to understand the fast) fast and seek the Lord before divorcing him. Because that same slacker that you are trying to get ris of will work really hard for another woman that will pray and fast. Think about it carefully before you go to Judge Milian.

First Four Gospels In Bible
Shame on them!!!!!! That is a sad commentary on them not on Jesus.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
This behavior is not new. He had to have shown this side of him and maybe you missed it during the courting process.
Have you tried counseling? There is alway a more excellent way to approach this matter without divorce. Try a differnt approach. Ask the Lord for more wisdom in the matter? Try seeking professional help with or wthout him. Do you want your marriage? Do whatever is necessary to keep the family unit together. Maybe there are some issues going on with your husband that you are not aware of that is making him mean to your son. A wise woman builds up her house a foolish tears it down with her hands and mouth!!!!

Confess Every Little Sin
Yes this is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Jesus your every little sin and tell your friend the ones that will prevent personal growth i.e., maybe you have a problem with stealing from a grocery stores. Tell that to your friend so that you both can pray and he/she can be mindful and keep an eye on you regarding this matter. Only Jesus loves unconditional and sometime parents. Telling a human being all of your dark secrets is not biblical!!!!!!!

Husband Doesn't Help With Kids
Is your husbands claim about you right? Are you carrying your weight around the house? Are you just buying clothes? There is always a reason for a person not helping out and not doing his or her part. Did his father not help his mom out with him? We are mirrors of our environment please do not forget that. Dig a little deeper before you throw the man out with the bath water

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
The Lord does not take back Salvation. We give it back to him for all kind of reasons. If any man sin God is faithful and just to forgive him/her of that sin and cleanse them of that unrighteous act, that is putting him back in right standing with him again. The only sin that the Lord does not forgive is Blasphemy against him. Now that does not mean go out and have a party sinning. Because even with forgiveness oftentimes comes harsh chastisement.

Does Obedience Bring Blessings
Obedience is your reasonable service to the Lord. So my answer is yes and no.

We have a reward system like God's we reward our children for being obedient to us. But that is the extra thing that we do for them. Children aught to obey anyway because that is the right thing to do. On the other hand God rewards them that delingently seek him. And yes those rewards can come because of obedience and sometimes the Lord blesses just because.

Breast Is Leaking Fluid
I am having the same issue. I am only 24. Going to get a sono and possible mamo soon to check it out.

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
because he is the way the trueth and the life

What If Big Bang Is True
People who seek other ways out because something is not working for them need to Pray and work on being patient. God moves when he wants not when we say. God does not do what We say," We do what He says. When people choose to stray away like that and seek another direction just because they have not got what they want when they want it have some issues in life. Not only that must suffer the consequences for their actions.

Are Instruments In Church Evil
your friends church is going by the idea that instraments arent mentioned in the nt. it just says sing songs and psalms.

Do Animals Go To Heaven
there arent any verses that i know of, but i believe that they do. why would god give us the good pleasure of being owned by a pet, and then take it away when we reach home? that doesnt sound like my daddy.

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