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Pastor Hides Church's Financials
John, I am with you. I think all churches should post their finances to stop people from making up stories and also to be truthful to others what is been done with the money. They could be helping causes that are not Scriptural and the church would not know they are supporting them. yes, bring out the books and keep everything on the up and up. Prevents opening the door to the enemy.

Where Does Joy Come From
Brother Eloy, Joy comes from knowing the Lord. I don't know how it happens but it happens. I have seen a lot of tragety in my family but I have never lost the joy. I don't know why but it is there. I wake up in the morning and I am so happy it is a new day and I look forward to what I can learn about God and it gives me so much pleasure and joy. I don't think that God wants us to be miserable but many times we are the cause of it.

How Do I Get My Wife Back
Rick, I am sorry you are going through this. I went through something similar and I sure didn't know what to do. Really, you can do nothing to change your wifes mind or heart. No matter what you say or do you will not be able to change her. I found that out when it happen to me. You will be given many ways but there is only one way and one way only, and that is through Christ. You see, we all have our own minds and hearts and characters.

Are We Called To Talk To Demons
We will be Satans targets till we die. But we are given a way to resist the devil. If you or anyone wants to go against the devil and demoms you will find out that it will be more then you can handle. To understimate them is a big mistake. Protect yourself against the arrows of Satan but don't try to think you can beat him at his game. If you do, you will lose. He is already attacking your pride in thinking you can beat him. His arrows are ready everytime you make a mistake.

Does America Deserve It
3. I believe our idea's and opinions are good as to what is going to happen and what we think is going to be next as many have already answered. Also how God works and those things. I love to hear others opinions as to why God is working or for what reason we think He is working a certain way now and in the future. That is why I was asking Sam to give his opinion on the future events and also to others. How about you Alan, what do you think is going to happen there?

Does America Deserve It
2. how much work are we doing? that is the question for us. we only have one job to do and that is to spread the gospel. Not condemn anyone. We know what the people in the world have done and is doing, is there something we can do? Are do we just sit back and enjoy watching them roast? I still believe that God is sovereign and it will all end the way He has set it. But I am surprise as to how we lack that love for others.

Does America Deserve It
In a world like today instead of loving others we are saying, the hell with all that are not like me, a Christian, burn in hell for not being like me. Instead of feeling for the one's that are going to hell and telling ourselves, what could I have done? how could I have not gone out to others to bring the gospel of Jesus so that they don't burn forever. How about our relatives that are not save, how can we wish disaster on them? I put this blog because I read what Eloy put down.

Does America Deserve It
2. The end has been set by God and the Judgements will be done by Christ, but we have no right to take that stand that solely belongs to the Lord.

Does America Deserve It
I can see how terrible mankind has been and I can see God placing judgement on those people that have rejected Him but how can we as supposely loving Christians with the love of God even wish anything so terrible to anyone? What kind of people have we become that we place the judgement of death on others? We don't have that right, only God. The love of Jesus in our hearts should make us feel sorry for the one's that have died. The pain and suffering of the ones burned to death should shake our souls.

Where Does Satan Live
3. Scripture speaks of Satan as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We have to believe he is indeed fearsome. The believer is not to respond, however, in sheer terror. Satan may be stronger than we are, but Christ is stronger than Satan. "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." Satan is after all, a creature. He is finite and limited. He is limited in space and time.

Where Does Satan Live
2. to withstand Satan was to insult him. His most vulnerable part was seen as his pride. To attack his pride was seen as an effective way to repel him. But in the Biblical view, he appears as an "angel of light" That image points to Satan's clever ability to manifest himself under the appearance of good. Satan is subtle, beguiling, and crafty. He speaks with eloquence; his appearance is stunning. The prince of darkness wears a cloak of light.

Where Does Satan Live
My answer is like WIVV"s, he cannot be in more than one place at a time. He is never regarded in any way as an equal to God. Satan is a highter order of being than humans; he is a fallen angel. But he is not divine. The Biblical view of Satan is far more sophisticated then what people make him. That image people gave him came from the medieval church. The silly pictures of Satan was intentionally created by the church in order to poke fun at him. The church was convinced that an effective ploy

144,000 JWs Go To Heaven
2. I asked my sister, how anyone knew if someone is one of the remant? and she said they knew. She just said that the witnesses knew who the one's chosen are. I began to learn a lot about them and found out so much that is so wrong. You know they believe that a Black witness becomes white when they die. That was also one of their teachings. Now how rediculous is that? They always answer that others made a mistake and that new revelations from the Watchtower keeps coming out all the time.

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