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My Husband Abandoned Me
do what the Lord would instructs you to do. if he tells you to forgive and reconcile, do it. don,t go by emotions, thats,s the worst mistake you can ever make

What Is A Submissive Wife
if the husband tries to make his wife do something that is against God, the wife can refuse. but as far as the other, the wife needs to submit to her husband as God instructs her to do. because there are consequences when a wife wants to do things HER WAY. believe me, i know. i was very stupid and did not do what God instructed of me and now i am having to work very hard to reconcile with my husband and to let God work ,though the waiting is hard and i have faith. i now respect what my husband says and i submit. like i should have done before.

I Will Never Obey My Husband
My question is.. what is the wife goes to church 3 x a week ,, loves trusts and obeys gods every word.. then her husband is NOT a christian and treats her mean , and uses YOU MUST OBAY ME it is in the bible ?

How To Avoid Sinning
If you are new to Christianity...does that mean that you have been "born again"?
These so called "Christians" are that by name only. If they were truly Christians they would be living the right way and living under the grace of our lord Jesus Christ who died for everyones sin..even those "Christians". Once you give your life to Jesus...there should be no turning back to the world of sin or as you said "doing just abut everything". They aren't true Christians at all.

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
can christians still go to heaven after they have commited adultery

Are We Living In Sin Together
Yes. I am sorry to say, that I feel that individuals should wait to consumate their relationship after marriage. Are you saved? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life and that he died on the cross for your sins? Than you are saved. Not too late to ask for forgivness, get an efficiency and wait until marriage.

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
How could you say that/ There has not been to many hurricanes like this one. Andrew in Miami was bad but not this bad. How would you feel if you lost everything you had plus family members as well? I can't even immagine how this would feel, and I will gladly give whatever I can to help another human being.

Where Is My Grandfather Today
I am no expert, but i do not believe god punishes for ignorance If so, we could ask the same question to those who are retarded. God loves us and i am sure that you will see you grndfather again. n Patty

My Husband Has Many Problems
Please excuse my honesty. That is horrible. I do not care what his problems or yours are --- that is not christian. Jesus loved everyone, criminals, lepars, people no one else wanted to be around. He told us to do the saem. try another church. Patty

Attend Non-Christian Wedding
You should go!!! He is a non believer, but your fmily member loves him and you might have a part in bringing him to Christ. "For God came not to call the righteous, but the sinner to repetence" Like the woman at the well, Jesus did not shun her -- he accepted her and made a believer out of her.........GO Patty

Is Fornication Acceptable
Yes, I have a serious problem with this. Ou are an adult and she is still a chld. You need to back away and let her grow up naturally with people her on age. Living together is not ok either!!! Read your Bible and leave the chld aloine.

Cheated On Wife And Want Help
well I read the questions and ome of the answers. And I have a question for you. How about the christian woman who was our wife or the man who was your husband and did not cheat...what about them when they feel that yes, god forgives, but why does she/he have to suffer while you and the one you cheat with get marriage? very unfair -- from one that got left.

Can I Make An Organ Donation
Hi Mary, I do not understand why organ donation would not be christian. Let me tell you something.10 years ago a child was hit by a car and killed his family donated his organs. I am the recepient of his liver. I grieve for his famiy, but because of their unselfishness, my children did not loose their mother. i know in my heart these people are blessed for what they have done. I write often to thank them for the gift of life.

How To Get Soulmate In My Life
Sorrfy for yu that your feeling are hurt. Actually if he was your soul mate he would not want to hurt you however, if he has his reasons and he TRULY is your soul mate in Gods eyes he will come back on his own. From experience you can not make anyone do anything they do not want to do.

I Don't Want Any Friends Anymore
I am sorry for your feelings. Evidently some friends have hurt you. However predguice is a nasty thing peole get hurt. You, however, appear to be predgudice as well.......what difference does it make if people think you are black ---- are you saying that to be a native american is better than black. People are peple. God doesnt' judge people by the color of their skin or he wouldn't have made all of us!!! Think about ow you feel about blak people, and then change your heart.........maybe others will toward you. No man is an island, we all depend on others. I'll pray for you. Pattty

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