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I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
In the several years I have been here from time to time as able, I have thoroughly enjoyed. As more bloggers came on and the names became confusing, had to adapt to that! It is deeply appreciated that the moderators do go over the blogs and provide a framework in which to answer. It would not be an easy job. At first I wished that they would let me know what happened. Then I realized they didn't have time to do that, and have come through experience to find what is acceptable and what is not. Thanks CN for this forum in which we can even disagree, and come back to see what God has said, what saith the Lord.

Online Emotional Affair
Sometimes even when we know what we should do, we wonder, and I am so glad that some are not afraid to ask the questions here at CN and to look for and listen to principles that are shared from God's word. Often even when we have made a decision on what we should do, it gives us the push we need to follow through when we see that others see and understand the principle of right also. It is so great to know that He gives us the spirit of freedom, of peace, of righteousness, and of love. As far as confessing for selfish reasons, how is that? Confession allows us to be one, allows us to be at peace, gives us freedom, and unites us in His love--even if the other were to have a problem, Christ is to be first.

Commit Adultery And Go To Heaven
Jesus came to give repentance to us. He can forgive any sin that we will repent of (accept His gift of repentance). In David we have a married man lusting after a married woman in his heart (adultery--Matthew 5:28), adding to that having a relationship with her, and then adding to that, the sin of murder. David was forgiven.

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