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My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
Age has nothing to do with it---I know of a woman who busted out all her windows on the mans trailer house that he had to sought shelter elsewhere---In the state of Wisconisn there is a support group for men who were abused by their wives

Ten Commandments On Buildings
ok what i think about the whole taking off "in God we trust" is the fact that it doesn't say which God. every religion has a god, so why make a big fuss about it. does it say the buddist God. no. does it say the Christian God. no. so why make the fuss. to Christians it is our God. the one and only, but for people who have different religion then it is about their God.

Can Females Wear Pants
Go ahead and wear whatever kind of pants you need to wear, Steveng. Just make sure they stay on while walking through the city parks.

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